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Unik News: Praise Fofowe celebrates marriage anniversary in style


Praise Fofowe who’s known as The Family Therapist took to his Facebook timeline to celebrate his marriage anniversary with his wife Tosin on Saturday 16/09/2017. Below is the image and write up he shared with his friends on Facebook.

It’s a new Year in AGE & MARRIAGE
I am GRATEFUL to the one whose OPERATING SYSTEMS run this earthsuit called my BODY. I have no INTELLIGENCE except that which HE has packaged in ME.
As another year starts I PLEDGE absolute ALLEGIANCE to you alone. I am GRATEFUL for who you are to me & who you have made of me to HUMANITY.
I am still a WORK IN PROGRESS & can’t wait for the HOUSE called me to be COMPLETED so that wherever the RIVER flows everything there will LIVE.
I represent FAMILY
I stand for HUMANITY
I belong to the NEW MAN TRIBE
I promote PEACE & LOVE
I run on the ADAM 2.0 OS which is a LIFE GIVING SPIRIT
I am here to build the MAN, The FAMILY & the SOCIETY.
Thank you JESUS for another Birthday & Wedding Anniversary.
Thanks Tosin Praise-Fowowe for being you and saying YES when all there was what a Spirit that hovered above the surface of the deed.

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