Unik News: Gospel artist Graceful George narrate his ordeal at Lagos Night Club 3:16 Lounge


I received an email last year to perform my song “Na Only You” at the opening of a Lounge in Lekki-Lagos sometime last year. It was entirely new to me, it the was the first time I would be performing my own recorded song on a stage. I thought it was going to be somewhat “Churchy” but I was wrong.

I had wanted to travel to Lagos with my entire team and the cost was running into what I can’t mention here! Finally, I had to travel with just a friend and colleague. We arrived Lagos, I visited House on the Rock, went to some other places and warmed up to minister in the evening… I thought I would be “ministering”…

That night, it took us time to locate the Venue. Even with google map it was difficult and thanks to a friend who drove us around in his car. The address given to us was a Church, we expected to experience the ” churchy” kinda event and I thought I would get people to lift there hands and pray in tongues before I sing… Maybe I would even share few words with them and even make altar calls… Lol!

Well, before the event something had happened!
I went to a boutique to get a new suit around Ajah and my bank debited my money without crediting the shop owner! We argued for long and he insisted he was not giving me the suit if he doesn’t get the alert. I called my bank and they said they will refund the money. I still needed that suit, someone had told me I needed to look good… We were in Lekki after all! I rushed to a bank to make withdrawals with ATM but the same thing happened, it was deducted but money didn’t rush out! I still had a little money left, I tried withdrawing again because we needed money for other logistics and it was still the same old story…

I had used the last money on me to take a cab to where I could withdraw… With what was happening, I became weak, looked for the nearest chair, sat down and began to think about my life! I called the bank and they said they can only refund after 48hrs and it was a Saturday. I was worried and afraid! How do I get back home? How do I go about? So many things filled my mind, I was stranded but everything has a way out… That’s when a friend who we stayed with decided to drive us around with his car…. It was an honour! That car served like the donkey that was reserved for Jesus. If I had withdrew money, he wouldn’t have drove us and if he didn’t drive us, we wouldn’t have located the venue! Somehow, it was divinely

We got to the venue, there was no formal opening prayers but it still had some flavours that showed whatever was happening there is different from what is obtainable in the world. Actually, it was a Night Club founded by a Church! People of all class were there and it was easy to get along with people! They had a tight DJ who only mixed gospel hits which got people exhibiting a lot of energy… It was a party! A hot party at that!

At first, I got angry! This wasn’t what I expected! I wasn’t expecting to sing my song in a Night Club, I had plans of running a Christocentric Night Club too but somehow the orthodox traditions I had been raised with rose up in me… It was like 1 against a billion! No one was concerned, even my friends were already having a great time on the dance floor!

I looked at the dance floor again and see people laughing, rejoicing, having fun innocently! There was no smoking, drinking of alcohol, nude and bad words but people were happy! Then I asked myself, “are you angry that people are happy?” I start seeing it differently! Somehow, I was pulled to the floor and the “me” in me became alive… We started rocking the show!

It was family!
I danced together with people I had never met before, people from diverse ethnic groups united in the name of Jesus! Mehn… I forgot I once felt bad about this and I just gave the dance my best shot! I even forgot my money issues I had.

Somehow, it seemed they were forgetting I had to perform my song! With what had happened, the atmosphere didn’t need “lift your hands wherever you are and give Him the praise…” But rather “come on everybody, make some noise and give Him praise!” With a little pressure, I was on stage and I performed my song for the first time at 3:16 Lounge…

Now, someone should tell them… “I will be back again!”

More Photos from the event


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