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Unik News: David Muna and Emmygrace set to release new singles


Good Day! It’s a beautiful day to be alive, and today I’m so excited for many reasons; for me, for you, for us, and for the fact that it’s few days to the release of the song, Grateful.

Grateful is more than just a song. It’s a culture. It’s an attitude. It’s a way of life. Grateful is going to be dropping on the 31st of this month And so I invite you to join me as we count down to its release. To do this, every day I’d like to know what you are grateful for. Share on social media and tag me on Facebook, and remember to use the hash tags #GratefulStory and #GratefulCulture.

I implore you to also nominate your friends to share their own #GratefulStory and let’s spread the #GratefulCulture.

Henry Samson

Blogger, lyric video editor and a music addict. The desire to see good music, videos and good contents in general circulated everywhere led to the creation of this blog. He's currently the head administrator of this blog.

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