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The Multi Talented Performing Artist DaBoomsha who is also a TV Show Host, Radio Presenter, CEO of BOOMSHA KREATIVE Entertainment Lawyer & Writer has spoken up about the death of lead singer of Linkin Park Chester Bennington. He showed his remorse for the loss because he was an iconic singer with good musical qualities thereafter he made it known that every artist needs Jesus Christ not any form of drugs or any other thing to relieve them of depression, anxiety or other form of problems they face. The Entertainment lawyer shared a photo of the lead singer and made a post about it on Facebook. Below is what he posted:-

Chester Bennington, the lead singer of the iconic rock group, Linkin Park has committed suicide at the age of 41. He hung himself in his Los Angeles home on thursday, after a lifelong struggle with drug-addiction, depression and mental illness.
His melodic but rugged voice helped spawn rock classics like “In the End,” “Numb” and “What I’ve Done.”

Here’s what a CNN article would like us to learn from his demise:
“One thing no one can deny is the significant pain in Bennington’s voice. He clearly purged his anguish through his music. Bennington was open with his history of abuse and struggles with drugs and alcohol, which he claimed helped him create some of the band’s biggest songs.

Sure, pain and angst create great music. But considering the phenomenal artists we have lost in the past few years to suicide and inner demons, it is long past time to prioritize real mental health over the sporadic catharsis of bars and chords. According to Health.com , musicians are fifth in the top ten professions with high rates of depressive illness.
I hope there is a lesson that can be learned in the deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. We need to support our artists to be healthy and loved even when they evolve out of the sadness that inspired our favorite songs. Depending on pain to create is a dangerous road to travel.

If you make a choice to not suffer for your art, can you still be a great artist? The answer is, yes. When Adele released her “25” album, she admitted she would no longer thrive off of depression to create.”

My take:
There is a void in every human being yearning to be filled.. A thirst only God can quench… not drugs, not money, not fame.. not sex.. Not RELIGION.. but CHRIST and the GRACE he lavishly provides..

Open your heart and let Him find you..
There is a stream of love flowing from Emmanuel’s Veins and He who drinks of this water shall never thirst again..Its free.. Its available.. Come, get yours..

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