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Unik News: CHHAlliance Set To Unite All CHH artists

SMH was a passionate protest by a lone individual that resounded within the hearts of many and sparked off a national debate.
Understandably,not everybody was in agreement with the views expressed in the song and we have had a lot of reactions and counter-reactions on the subject.
However, now is the time to decide the way forward for Christian HipHop. We do not expect everybody to be on board with this new direction and therefore are not looking up to any institutions or individuals to make it happen.
We all must look inwards and ask ourselves what role we can play in charting a new course for Christian HipHop in Nigeria.
As we prayerfully do so, i plead that we consider these badly neglected aspects of our work:
1. Record Labels
2. Artiste Managers
3. Show Organizers
4. Tour Managers
5. Media (TV, Radio,Print, Online)
6. Paying Fans
7. Investors
8. Talent Scouts
9. Pastors
10. Artistes
As you can see from this list, the artiste comes last. Please identify where you can come in and let us know how we can work together.
We have created a Facebook Group Page for those interested in Joining the CHHAlliance.
Here is the link: CHHAlliance
You can also send a mail to chhalliance@gmail.com
Thank you and God bless CHH!

Henry Samson

Blogger, lyric video editor and a music addict. The desire to see good music, videos and good contents in general circulated everywhere led to the creation of this blog. He's currently the head administrator of this blog.

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