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Adole Moses fka MGP changes stage name at the LIVING LEGEND and BLOOD BANK experience event

#KullezKidInAfrica - A Mose Unveils Cover Art & Tracklist of KKiA.

Who would have possibly thought of this or seen it coming?

Christian Hip Hop artist Adole Moses who was popularly known as Machine Gun Preacher MGP for short has been confirmed to have changed his stage name during the LIVING LEGEND and BLOOD BANK experience a musical concert he hosted alongside his younger brother Lil Mizzy who also happened to be a Christian Hip Hop artist as well. The news came in first from Maikon West who was on ground to grace the occasion at Makurdi and was later confirmed by Limoblaze.

The new name from all our guess and specifications is gotten from his name, A from his surname ADOLE and the Mose from his name MOSES and when pronounced sounds like AMOS (A-MOSE)
For the record, LIVING LEGEND and BLOOD BANK experience by Lil Mizzy and A Mose fka MGP was a huge success. Congratulations guys.


Speaking about the change of stage name, A Mose fka MGP stated the reasons below on his Facebook timeline.

Greetings family!!

I hope yall had a great night? U want to use this platform to thank everybody who showed up for the LLXBB concert yesterday been 9th June 2019, You all made it happen. May God bless and increase each and everyone of you greatly and by all means may he take all the glory.

So yesterday i actually announced my change of name From MGP(Machine gun preacher) WHICH has been my stage name to “A Mose” gotten from my Legal name (Adole Moses).i have got a good number of reasons to give but i will just mention a few. 6years ago when i started making music with the name MGP,i didn’t bother to check the name to see if other artists or brand was using the same name.i only knew of a rapper named MGK(machine gun kelly) who makes music(not christian)and i on the other hand became a christian Rapper so it was wise for me to switch his name Kelly for “preacher” cus i loved the idea of the name which i did.

Few years after that i discovered an award winning movie with the same NAME (MGP) and i was really suprised and it really got to me negatively but i had to Man Up and continue my journey. Up until last year i discovered more than 6 A-List artists with the same name as mine.. now remember the word (A-List) lol. Now most people might think this reasons aint good enough to go for a mame CHANGE, but this reasons has actually suppressed my growth on some major platforms and also every piece of work (Music,Video,features ETC) i have been on with the name MGP has been added to the portfolios of this A-List Artists and the world recorgnised movie,Leaving me to almost the spot of not having SEO (search engine optimization). I have recorded and released over 40 songs personally,been on over 25features and released an official video but if you google MGP you wount find any of my material unless you google it the name of my song,and trust me i dont think everyone has so much time and patience.

This and so many other reasons has made me go for a name change. I beleive the Gospel we preach is not suppoesd to be limited in any way at all from my end so i believe the name change move will help me relate and reach out to more people who need to hear what God has placed in me to put out.

I will be taking down all my material i have acess to at the moment with the name MGP and replacing them with “A mose” .and i have got loads of good music to be released also and am sure you will be proud.
Thank YOU for taking out time to read through all this.

God bless you,God bless us. A Mose it is.

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