Unik Muzik: TGod – Crossing The Rubicon (CTR) EP || @DaFlemspitha


TGOD DaFlemSpitha is a Rapper, Spoken Word Poet, writer and Motivational
Speaker whose materials are laced up with depths, Passion for the Lost and
an insatiable Thirst for God. He seeks to communicate his hunger for the
divine presence of God in his songs and materials.

In his own words; When I was much younger I was told a story of a group of soldiers who would set ablaze a bridge after they have crossed it so that everyone can face the battle and fight without hopes of retreating no matter how tough the battle gets and today God is raising men and women of fire that are reaching points of no return to do kingdom business for God. This is a wake up call for believers to turn their lights on and search for the lost souls. The times for halfhearted commitment and double mindedness are over for we are in the last days and the time is very short. Its time to invade the systems, the sun is setting, the night draws nearer and this obviously is the right time to Cross The Rubicon. C.T.R. It is also a compendium of his walk with the Spirit of God. It’ll inspire you, motivate you and set you up on your feet for your maker

Check out the track listing below and download the tracks that makes up the EP or download the one that suits you.


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