Unik Muzik: SbCrux ft Eric Johnson – No Apology I


With the way Christian Hip Hop is being perceived by churches to be devilish and how artists who are involved in Christian Hip Hop are perceived to be demonic, one of the finest Hip Hop art in Delta State SbCrux has come with this single titled NO APOLOGY because no matter how Hip Hop is seen to be or no matter how they are criticized for what they do, they’ve taken the step to engage fully in the culture therefore they owe no one an apology for what they are doing. According to SbCrux he said “We’ve got a lot of do’s and alot of don’t, We no longer stand for the truth, We’ve been confined to books and doctrines” No Apology for what they do. In this single he featured another fine Hip Hop artists from the same Delta Region by the name Eric Johnson.
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No apology
I owe no Apology
No apology
I owe No Apology 

Verse one (SbCrux) 
They told me quit music
I said bruv never
They say the Gospel ain’t a rap song ( You aint got Jesus)
They ain’t a faster way of calling that name Jesus
And this your Life style don’t talk the holy ghost
Our children cant be taught to speak in tongue’s
When all your pics have your tongue out
And your throw backs are of your past crimes and past sins all paid for but not forgotten.
And am like he saved me
You can hate me it
Don’t mean that God hates me
He took all my shame
Yeah am saved by his Name
Take your past out my way
Take you emotions to Hell
I ain’t dancing with the devil
I’m uncensored
Jesus saves that’s the naked truth
This ain’t no clash of clans
We don’t use play swords
We go to the gym Bruv we don’t use steroids
Whether my hairs locks
Or i dredged coils
Real music that’s what souls want
R.I.P to the regular
Bang dang dang dang
We still play on beat
Like we Take the stage
Like Artistes we
Smoking through these lines
I owe no apology

Repeat Chorus (x2)

Verse two (Eric Johnson) 
Allot of people they don’t understand me 
Allot of people they can’t comprehend me 
Since they can’t relate all they do is hate 
Why you think they killed Christ in the first place 
Lord knows I accept my fate 
Mama wait on me at heavens gate 
I was born to leave as an outcast 
Never leave forever but I outlast em
You already know that I was born for greatness 
See the spotlight the whole world await us
Try to leave my dreams but they wanna wake us
Yeah I came from the bottom they can never under take us 
Never shake us
So they gimme hands but will never shake em 
I am never shaken yeah
I was broke but never broken tribulations broke in
God I put my hope in yeah 
I know hip-hop is not a culture you respect
But when the spirit is upon a rapper
Tell me tell me what do you expect never the less 
Life is a journey they tripping already 
Mehn it’s gonna be a long trip
Yeah you can bet on it if it’s a game 
Mehn It’s gonna be a long slip 
Let me be clear with this 
I beat the culture 
I know they never expected this 
Ever since Jesus affected me i have been better
Let me lay some emphasis

Repeat chorus (x2)

We’ve got a lot of do’s and alot of don’t 
We no longer really stand for the truth 
We’ve been confined to books and doctrines 

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