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Limoblaze is one of the artist we love and sort after here at Unik Empire and prolly saying he’s among the few male artists that have been on our Man Crush Monday features. We are proud to announce to you that the much anticipated album BEFORE NOW from the young artist and producer is now available on all digital stores around the world. Limoblaze has constantly proved himself trustworthy when it comes to delivering good music. In short, we will say he’s nothing short of excellence taking into consideration his personal arts and features. Before you proceed to download this exceptional piece of art, here is an excerpt from the track one titled THE INTERVIEW with Klevar Ocholi which focuses on questions and answer about this project BEFORE NOW.
BEFORE NOW is more than a title for an album, it’s like a milestone in my relationship with God. I grew up in a Bible believing church and knew most of the scriptures so I had a pretty good relationship with God but I was in church on a certain Sunday and the pastor was preaching and it felt like he was saying something I never knew BEFORE NOW he actually made me to understand what it meant to be loved by God and what it meant when it’s said God’s love is free so BEFORE NOW really mark that turning point where I had that personal relationship with God.

Though there is no track with the title BEFORE NOWbecause the message passed in this project is vast. In this project there is a track titled Beautiful talking about how a lady who BEFORE NOW doesn’t know but I’m using this project to tell her now that look lady you are beautiful. You don’t need their applause, you don’t need peoples approval to tell you that you are beautiful you just know. There is another song in the project that talks about praying for ministers because BEFORE NOW people see ministers as perfect people but they are not, they probably go through ten times the temptations a normal person will go through also there is another song song that talks about suicide, this song basically to the young ones looking up to me to know that your heroes are going through stuffs too. You think I don’t think about suicide? I was having this conversation with a friend one day like I thought I had suicide thoughts but his thoughts were deeper than mine and he said the only reason why he has not committed suicide is because he knew the gospel and he believes in heaven and hell and he knows that if he takes his life he will be going to hell. So the album contains thoughts that you might have or have not known BEFORE NOW.

Apart from the soul tunes in the 17 tracked album there are other vibing tunes in the albums that you can dance to. The song features A-List artists, the likes of Okey Sokay, Oluwatomi, Protek, Dee Black, Demi God, Angeloh, Spokesman, Shime Ahua, Menxee, Courtney Antipas, Proud Refuge, Blaque Nubon and Barna. The album is a sure blazing hot and a must have recommended for everyone.

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