Unik Messages: Allow God to build you – Evangelist Iyke Oriaku

If you can allow God have His way, He will build you and you will become one of the men wondered at it might be slow, but its sure.

When they were building the branch of Central Bank of Nigeria in Umuahia, Abia State Julius Berger was on that site for over a year, working day and night. Yet, when you are crossing there, you won’t know that they were working. Remember, Julius Berger can fix a bridge within few months. Yet, they were in a site working day and night, nobody saw what they we’re building. They were still there, other branches of different banks started their own buildings and in few months they finished and started operation. Yet, nobody saw what Julius Berger was building in their site. I am sure some people were thinking they were confused. But when they eventually finished, today, every other bank is submitting to them.

Ask questions. Theives have succesfully robbed many other banks in Umuahia. But nobody has been able to rob Central Bank. Why? Because Julius Berger took time to build the place.

If God is building you, Sir, people might not see it for some years. They will say you are confused. When they see others you started ministry before, they will say its not God that called you. But don’t forget that the value attached to the building is what is causing the delay. Soon, many of those that rushed and started their ministries will start submitting to your ministry. Whether you like it or not, people will run to you for succor. When God was building David, nobody saw it even David didn’t see the building instead he saw bear and lions, he saw javelin. Yet, those were part of the building.

I am speaking to you sir. What God is using to build you might be pains and tears, it might be lack and want, it might be loneliness, but don’t bother, the buildings is still in progress I  know many guys God is still building they are still going through pains and shame, they are very anointed, even more that those we are celebrating today but you might not see them invited to preach I tell you, soon, their building will stand and men will know that truly eye hath not seen, ear has not heard, neither has it entered the hearts of men what God has prepared for those that love God.
Where were all the children of all the people that mocked Abraham for not having a child? But when God was done with building His purposes in Abraham, till today, the whole world is still talking about Abraham and Isaac and Jacob.
If tears and shame are not part of your building, I am afraid, your building might not be relevant in few years coming. Why nobody knows the names of Peninahs children was because they were not built with pain. Nobody mocked their mother, she was even busy mocking Hannah when God was building her.

Can I beg you to listen?
If you have ever joined them to mock people God is taking time to build, go and apologize to the because that building will soon become an eternal excellency and the joy of many generation. The apostles understood this that was why they were happy when they were being mocked and disgraced publicly for God’s sake, thats is why till today, people are still talking about them. God is delaying your marriage because He wants to give the world something to talk about some people have rushed their building and thereby, they cheapened what God was building them for all because they wanted people to see they too were doing well.
If you can allow God have His way, He will build you and you will become one of the men wondered at it might be slow, but its sure. The kind of thing God will use you to do in our time will amaze those that saw you when God was taking time to build you, I know that the shame is not easy to bear but don’t rush God, don’t rush pulpits, don’t beg for international invitations. Allow God to build you. Don’t let people hailing you enter your head when God has not finished building you, don’t bother about how long it has taken. All of us will be here to see the mighty testimony that will come out from that scorned building it will be evident that it was worth the wait.
Let us pray!

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