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Unik Lyrics: TGod Daflemspitha – D’Evil || @daflemspitha


For the benefit of lot of people who can’t make out or hear all that was said in the Crossing The Rubicon (CTR) EP by TGod Daflemspitha here’s the lyrics of D’EVIL which happens to be the 7th track and one of my favorite track in the EP.

Voice Talking…… (T3DD)
Harmless doves in a brood of vipers
It’s like the earth is locked up in a serpentarium but we ain’t never scared though
We ain’t never scared…
Welcome to the 21st century
Gunshots louder than the klaxon of the canary
Plowshares nowadays turned into artillery
Welcome to the generation of the brood of Vipers
Every strike is venomous and poisonous
It’s like the earth is locked up in a serpentarium
But everywhere is on fire where would you run to?
If you try to fly gravity will stop you
Even the oasis on the desert is dried up 
But the river of life is still gushing out
Would you take a sip from the river of life to replenish your soul or would you rather die a thirsty man trying to climb the walls
Welcome to the new world Disorder
Triangles in the center like Bermuda 
The earth is dark they’ve been trying to illuminate and so the devil blinded their eyes and gave them a flashlight
(Hehe Yea)
I finally know the reason they’re coming after me 
They’ve seen the oil I got I’m like sesame
I got calls and a lot of proposals but I already know the deal 
And so I keep my phone on just for the sake of my homies 
I’m still hearing the sound of the drum but that aint never been enough reason for me to do the left right left   
I got my own team so I rep till I fly 
Verse 2
Money is not the root of evil, 
The love of money the reason they’re dancing with the devil 
Remove letter D from Devil he would still be Evil 
But lack of control for the appetite is why they’re salivating like a Rottweiler 
And so the greediness and gluttony be the reason they’re clamoring to eat supper with Lucy on the dining table 
They never know the repercussions 
They call me a hater for showing them a better option 
Live fast die young aint never tripping
I’m immune to the trend dead man walking
I’m like Daniel and his three friends 
Refusing to bow even when the horn blows 
Nebuchadnezzar the wizard, DaFlemSpitha never scared of the fiery furnace
 I died years ago
The life I’m living now is the life I borrowed from Jesus so I can use it to please God with my bounties 
Money power respect but you’re not on my level
And I don’t see the money that you have all I see is the pain you’ve been trying to hide

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