Unik Interview: Longevity discusses about his music, career and life.


Longevity is a gospel artiste from the Believers Loveworld Incorporated popularly known as Christ Embassy headed by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. He’s currently in a group called the RIVERBANK Music. We bumped into him on one of the whatsapp ask me anything series which he organized and there he shared with us his love for the gospel, his career and he as well shed more light and gave his perspective about secular arts doing gospel songs and those songs getting into the church. The interview conducted is below. Continue reading and don’t forget to drop your comments after reading.

Unik Empire: Why do you choose to give more time to music when there are good paying jobs out there because music doesn’t pay much even Frank Edward said that

Guest (Longevity): It’s not about the music.. It’s about the message

Unik Empire: Tell me the real thing then

Guest (Longevity): The Gospel according to pastor Chris. It’s not just about the money but about your ministry the same Frank Edwards said “look for where to serve and don’t be in a hurry, be patient ‘Frank Edwards donated the money from the sales of his first album sorry not donate He gave it as seed. Everything it was 1million naira and then he had nothing No house, no car but he gave 1million naira if it was about the money He would have eaten it! Basically The message(Gospel) comes first before money hope I answered your question?

Unik Empire: That’s great so talking about your choice of music why do you choose to do rap?

Guest (Longevity): I do all genre of music! Not Rap only But Just so you know I sing more than I Rap.

Unik Empire: What is your source of inspiration in making your music?

Guest (Longevity): The Holy spirit. God made the whole world with words Music is all about words and putting them together so If He dwells in you, there is no way you can lack words but first, you have to swallow and digest His words so for me I’ll say its the Holy Spirit Definitely!

Unik Empire: Great Who are the people you look up to in doing music home and abroad?

Guest (Longevity): Okay. First and foremost, Pastor Chris and His teachings For rap TB1, Tru South and Protek also I’ve got great regards for Israel strong the guy is just amazing, he drops hits back to back, Sinach of course she is number 1, Eben and Frank then abroad, lately, a friend of mine gave me an album by Chance the rapperI think I like the guy also J. Cole and Nas. These guys are wonderful they do secular songs. I get It you see, the devil owns nothing God owns music both secular and Gospel It’s God’s own. Like during the Higher life conference in Benin Pastor Chris gave us so much insight He talked about the devil not even being the owner of hell so everything belongs to God. These secular guys just need to hear more of God’s word and renew their minds funny enough a lot of them do it for the money they think Gospel musicians are poor. But According to the word of God; He became poor for us to be rich. an exchange took place substitution.

Unik Empire: I can conclude that you are really spirit filled because the next question in my mind has been given a little exposure but here’s it. Flavour new gospel single and Korede Bello Godwin is there anything wrong to minister them in church and is it OK for a gospel minister to sing them in church? 2 in 1 questions

Guest (Longevity): Tough one though. For me I think, if the song glorifies God it can be played anywhere, another thing is if they are not born again it’s all a waste. The Bible says in the book of John 9.31 We know that God doesn’t listen to sinners, but he is ready to hear those who worship him and do his will.

Unik Empire: How do you manage to balance your life activities and doing music?

Guest (Longevity): Okay for me it’s just one life
Seek ye first the kingdom of God
Every other thing will follow do God’s work. That’s the most important. As you are doing it every other thing falls in place.

Unik Empire: OK everything got advantage and disadvantages lemme ask what have been your worst moments in doing music and how did you deal with them?

Guest (Longevity): Worst moments. Errrrr Travelling to Lagos for auditions and at the end, you won’t even get a chance to sing your song because there are too many talented people it’s annoying but at the same time sweet so I am blessed to be alive such a time as this I deal with it by working harder and putting out more content out there for them to feel.

Unik Empire: How many contents do you have out and which do you think is a hit?

Guest (Longevity): I have 5 contents out already but I guess Jehovah is a hit! The response was mad crazy. But currently I’m working on my album so I can drop it before I release all the songs one by one. Smiles.

Unik Empire: That’s great so how do you raise finance to do your music or do you have a side job to fetch in cash or how?

Guest (Longevity): We’ve got a home studio RiverBank music studio and one of us is a producer I’m learning too. But before the studio it was just family and small things wey guyman learn. But aside that I work with my sister she used to own a clothing line in benin but currently, she travelled to get stock. Hopefully by January, we’ll be back in business.

Unik Empire: That’s cool I once saw something like there’s a new label instead of riverbank and it’s called woodboys or something related why the switch?

Guest (Longevity): Hahahahahah No ooh. That was just a comedy skit in commemoration of our pastors birthday it’s not real.

Unik Empire: Wow that’s great twas a nice time with you and I hope to get some more time with you and preferably live

Guest (Longevity): Oh yeah. Thanks for the questions though, I was inspired too as I was answering.

Unik Empire: God bless you and we do hope on hosting you soon.

Guest (Longevity): Amen and God bless you too.


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