Unik Interview: Esther Onahi talks about chasing your Passion


Unik Empire: Hello ma’am good morning for the interest of our readers and audience tell us about yourself.

Guest: My name is Esther Onahi Ogbaji. I am from Benue State and I’m a 100 level student of Benue State University studying Mass Communications, an aspiring writer and I have the dream of impacting people lives through my works.

Unik Empire: OK I guess that will give our readers an overview of who you are. So today we will be talking about passion. So our first question for the interview; what’s passion and why is it necessary to chase it?

Guest: Passion is the desire to do something that makes you happy and that makes you feel accomplished. I will say passion is what adds meaning to a person’s life. Because whatever your passion is, it becomes your reason for living and if you don’t have a reason for living then you’re better off dead. That’s why passion it’s very important.

Unik Empire: Talking about chasing passion courageously what do you think are some of the characters to be seen in the life of a person passionate about chasing his/her passion?

Guest: First of all, one needs to be sure about what their passion is. If you know that doing this particular thing brings you joy, happiness and fulfilment, you will be ready to make sacrifices for that thing. Even if its loosing friends and benefits Then one also needs to be courteous about the people he/she surrounds himself/herself with. Are the people around you people that push you forward or tear you apart. Choosing the right friends/confidants matter so much

Unik Empire: Does chasing after your passion necessarily means you’ll make money from the passion?

Guest: Not really. In my opinion, when someone is passionate about something, he can do that thing even if he isn’t paid to do it.

Unik Empire: Judging from the part of the world we are in let’s imagine a boy has the dreams of becoming a footballer but his parents wants him to be a medical doctor and he asked you for advice what will you tell him to do?

Guest: I will tell him to search his heart and follow what it says. It is important to make parents proud but when it comes to your happiness and of course what Gods design for him, he should look to God and search his heart. That is more important.

Unik Empire: That’s great there’s this tough question again and here it goes. You’ve been chasing your passion for long now and no profit seems to be coming out of it all the close people around you are already getting tired of you, insults everywhere how do you handle such situation?

Guest: I won’t lie to you.It’s tough. Very very tough to deal with a situation like this.
That is where Focus and Decision comes in. If you are with the right group of people, the right group of friends, I dont think they will ever give up on you.It takes someone who is as passionate as you to understand what it is like to have a passion for something. My advice, change your clan. Join the wagon of go getters and “Never give up” people. When you have a focus, you create a vision in your head.Its like you can see the future already and if you concentrate sorely on reaching your goal, Insults and set backs wont get to you. Trust me it’s not easy. There are times you will just want to give up and forget everything but that’s the time you should hold on to those dreams tighter. Set a goal. Be focused. Be with the right people.

Unik Empire: So how can someone who’s lost in the storm of life know what his/her passion is and then chase it?

Guest: Hmmm now that’s a tough questionWhat I will say say simply is to know who you are. Many people do not know who they are and what is their purpose. Most times, we don’t ask ourselves that question. It starts from knowing who you are and of course allow God to be the centre in your life.

Unik Empire: So what will be your advice to people who are yet to find their purpose, those who have found their purpose and still struggling to stay true to it?

Guest: My advice to people who haven’t found their purpose is not to give up. Its never too late. That guy that started the Kentucky Fried Chicken business(I forgot his name) started when he was already above 50 years old. Stay calm. Put God first. Search yourself and know who you are. To those who are struggling to stay true to their purpose, my advice for them is DON’T GIVE UP. Nothing good comes easy. It takes commitment, perseverance and humility to get where you want to go.

Unik Empire: That’s awesome it was sure an awesome time with you we wish you success in your school, career and all life endeavors. We do wish to have you again.

Guest: Thank you for hosting me.

Unik Empire: You are welcome ma’am.

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