Unik Interview: Comedians In The Church – Pastor Iyke Oriaku


The revival we are trusting God for might not start from 40 days marathon praying and fasting we do in our churches. It might not come when we all are groaning and travailing in the place of prayer. If we have prayed for revival, let us watch out for it, less we, in our crass ignorance misunderstand the day of our visitation.

I have every problem when I see worldly comedians, climbing the pulpit of God, making mockery with the things of God. I  have a problem seeing those who climbs the stages of Nigeran Breweries shows to make dirty comedies about men’s private parts and women posture while having sex, as I see them also climbing the pulpit to stand before us.

But even at that, no matter how angry I am, I feel, I am not in the best place to judge them. After all, many of the worship leaders and prophets we host on our pulpits are chronic sinners, who are just covering up. But, I don’t see anything wrong for a Christian youth who has the gift to make people laugh to climb the pulpit and crack decent jokes in church. I don’t have any problem seeing a born again when he is invited to make people to laugh. Some people said that Jesus said ‘my father’s house shall be called a praise of prayer…’

Yet, but prayer is not the only thing going on in our churches today.
We sing… We dance.
We organize talk shows.
We reach people about relationships and marriages.
We also empower our embers through entrepreneur seminars.
But, all these things are just to help ourselves.
There are people that doesn’t need money. Even if they don’t have it.
They don’t need prayer programs.
They have prayer and fasted for years without seeing results yet.
They don’t need prophecies.
The ones they have heard have not worked out yet.
They are depressed even after listening to our anointed messages.
They can even preach more than their pastors.
There is nothing wrong, once in a while, bringing people together, to be cracked up, by a BORN AGAIN comedian.
Friends, this is my stand.


What Jesus meant that His fathers house should be called a place of prayer is that prayer will be controlling everything we do in that house. Not that it is only prayers that we will be doing in that house. The revival we are trusting God for must need us to pray. But after prayers, we must not tell God how it will break out. It might not break out in our 40days praying and fasting. It might be in a music concert. I have been a part of a revival that broke out during a love feast organized by a local church. People were eating and feasting, but they didn’t know how something hit them from heaven and they began to speak in tongues…
Meeting planned to end in 3 hours lasted till 9hours.

Because people were drunk with the NEW WINE. Nobody preached revival message. Nobody made special altar call. But after the opening remarks and wonderful anointed ministration of the choir, at interval. The heaven opened. God released His Presence. Backsilders were crying out loud. The Master of Ceremony who was a gospel comedian was on the floor throughout. It didn’t start as a revival program. But God gave us a revival. Yes, till now, the fruits of that revival is still evident. The price we paid for that revival was to pray for that program for 1 whole month before the D day… With fasting. And God did not disappoint us.

The problem we have is that we think we can put God in a box. No matter how much you need revival in your church, you must pay a price of prayer. If not, no matter the revivalist you invited, he will come with a little revival and when he leaves, the revival we also go with him. But if the people are praying, you don’t even need a special revivalist for God to release His Presence.

The church must go back to pray. And atop dictating to God how to visit us. He has promised that He will show up. But there is a price we must pay. You that does not invite comedians to your altar, where is the revival? Revival is not being suspended only because of what we do. But because of what we don’t do. If we fail in the place of prayer, friends we have failed everywhere. But if we fan succeed I that art, even our mistakes can be used by God to do something in our time.


I took over the teenage department of a church as their pastor. And the first thing we began to do was to pray. They weren’t praying for cars or school fees. All they were praying for was: “LORD, DO SOMETHING IN OUR TIME…WITH OR WITHOUT US…GIVE US A REVIVAL IN THIS TOWN…”

We began chain prayers and fasting. Some pray from 2-4, everyday, in their different houses and schools. Every night, teenagers will be trooping to church, without anyone begging them. We didn’t know God was seeing our sacrifices of tears. We didn’t know that the tears of those small and poor boys and girls were building monuments in heaven. In our ‘mistakes’, we organized a concert and tagged it FELLOWSHIP OF TALENTS. Where boys and girls came from different campuses nearby, to display their talents. Many teenagers in that town came, because they saw there will be comedians and dancing etc. That day, we did not disturb them with prayers. They laughed and danced. But during that time, heaven invaded the lives of some of the most notorious and lose girls in that town that came to that program to laugh. Some of them that used to do masquerade hot back home and burnt their diabolic clothing. Some of them that used to smoke and womanize and steal and kill were arrested. One of them is assistant pastor in that church today. Others are missionaries in some parts of Nigeria now. The Fire they caught when they came for one of those programs burnt even after I have left that church. What else is God looking for except when a young man comes to you and surrender his guns and tells you how many people he has killed, and in tears before you, rolling on The floor, begging you to reconcile him to Christ.

What else did Christ died for except to see a young girl bringing all her skimpy cloth to church and begging you to watch her burn those cloths, that from thenceforth, no more prostitution? Man of God, if the method you have been using have not worked, try and change pattern. And let’s back it up with prayers. Don’t be too serious with sinners. We don’t love them more than Jesus that came to die for them.


Let’s not make the church too serious for unserious people. Let not make the church to ‘holy’ that unholy people will be scared away. There is something God wants to to do with us He could not do with our father’s because they were wounded by religion. Jesus said that the wind bloweth and no one know knows where it is blowing from. Let the church go back to her knees.

Incessant crying for a revival. I am sire heaven will give us ideas ideas of evangelism that will work. I am not talking about those false prophesy that invites vulgar comedians to use them to show their rivals that they too can can host popular comedians. They are tired of paying Price of place of prayer. Now, they want to use popular worldly Comedians to do what the Holy Ghost should do. Friends, if our hearts are right. I am sure that God will use the little we can do to reconcile souls back to Himself. To the glory of God, I have raised a gospel comedian that makes altar calls after cracking jokes. And people cry out to God in genuine repentance. And he comes back crying in humility. You see people baptized in the Holy Ghost. Healings of different manners taking place. Let’s stop putting God in the box of status quo. Remember that “when He took captivity captive, He gave GIFTS unto men. If you received the gifts of prayer or intercession, use it. You might not know the gift another person received from God.

Let’s go back to the place of prayer. I am sure that God will use all of us in this coming move of His Power…Let us pray!

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