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When Moses Appeared before God in the Bush as God was to commission him to go save Israel, he complained of not having anything as a proof of being called, but God did allow him to manifest in two ways as a proof, which is critical for Christians today to learn and understand.

Firstly, when Moses asked how the people may know he’s been called by God, God asked him to drop his rod. The rod, symbolizing his tool or talent dropping on the ground changed into a snake, which means, our talents no matter how small they seem to us could become great and be used for anything we can think of if we let God influence it
Secondly, God asked him to put his hand into his blossom and bring it out. When he did that, his hand became white as snow.
Hands symbolizing his strength and abilities changed at the words of God.
It means, if we let God influence our decision as we go about our work, our abilities will be extraordinary.
Sometimes, we tell God we are not capable of the assignment He is laying in our hearts for this generation but God is telling us that the talents, gifts and abilities he has endowed us with is already enough for it, but if only, we show or express it at his presence.
You need to read the wonders Moses performed in Egypt after that encounter with God.
God is not an option. His involvement in our business, leadership and pursuit can never be disputed. Man in the weakness of his commitment, thinks he can get things done his own way. It has never actually been successful.
I need to remind you, Until Moses met God, all he did as a means to fulfill his purpose was so wrong that he was sought for to be killed. But when he met God, he was respected among his enemies and adored among his people.
There is no limit to extent you can go with the help of God in your life.
Take a pause, ask yourself if your decisions about your talents and gifts were influenced by God?
The answer is the degree to the extent you will ever go in life.
But for you that think you don’t have anything to give to this generation… Look, you have a rod with you and if you can’t see it, you have a hand… All you have to do is to manifest it before God.
For example, you can talk, lead people, make people laugh, design, paint, dance, arrange, etc… God wants you to manifest it before him… Right in your local assembly.
The question of how do I use this to help society, make money, change lives will all be answered in the place of service to God in your local assembly.
The world needs you, but first, God needs to train you in your local assembly.
A lot of great musicians, actors, leaders we celebrate today started from their local churches.
Do not ignore this awesome platform.
Be a blessing to your local church community.
P.S. Scripture reference: Exodus 2 & 3
Source: GoddedSeed

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