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I was sharing sometimes ago that a lot of people fail to succeed at something because they still have other alternatives to success. If perhaps, they’d burnt their boats and had come to the reality that it’s either they succeed or never, they would have been better positioned for a huge success.

Some persons have been pushed to set goals for themselves simply because others are setting the same goals. I want to ask you just one question. Why is that goal really important? You know what? If you can’t locate the “WHY,” it’s not a prophecy, but it will fail!
Great men have become great, not because of how they became great, but because of “WHY” they became great! Achievers and go-getters have reached their targets, not just because of how they did it, but because of “WHY” they did it.

I have also said this before: “Never enter into a race with a man whose life depends on that race except you’ve got an equally strong or a stronger reason!” Why am I saying all of these? It’s simply because, the internal energy to achieve anything in this life is locked up in finding the “WHY” of that thing.

When you set out on a journey to achieve something, the processes, formulae, equations and models will never always work for you, but with a strong reason behind what you need to achieve, you’ll have the mental power to innovate and chart your own course to achievement. Life is partly information and partly innovation. A lot of time, you’ll have to throw yourself off the cliff and grow your own wings down the height. But, only those who have a reason will grow the wings.

Don’t just set goals for 2017. Ask yourself questions like,
☑ What do I lose if I don’t achieve this thing?
☑ How does this thing add up to my big-picture?
☑ What do I gain if I achieve this thing?
☑ What will it cost me to achieve this thing?
☑ Am I ready to give it what it’s going to cost?

Questions like these are important to help you do a quality check on your goals, avoid just being a copy-cat and as well, locate that locked-up energy within you that’s needed for the achievement.

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