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Unik Articles: Who You Are

You’re like a tea substance: not worth much until you’ve been through some hot water.
The hot water is a process you must pass through to become who you’ve been designed to be and fulfil your destiny.

I can also liken you to an unrefined gold. You can be wrong-used as a stone and worth nothing until you’ve passed through fire!

The fire is a process!
The process however, is not meant to kill you – you have been designed for it and you must need pass through it to fulfil your destiny.

There are no such thing as problems, there are only challenges, and challenges are meant to challenge the greater you to emerge. Don’t let your small self overrule the giant in you calling for relevance, meaning and greatness in face of a challenge or difficulty.

Get up one more time than you’ve fallen down. Never give up until you’ve made your last attempt. Never make your last attempt until you’ve achieved the desired result

The reason why many people give up on their dreams, visions and goals to live an average life in face of challenges or difficulties is because they are selfish!

Selfish because they thought their achievement or success is only for themselves.

The Godded idea is that,
Your dream, vision or goals are not just yours. Philipians 2:13 says “It is God which works in you, both to will and to do of His good pleasures”
God has designed you to fulfil a purpose, and because of the way He’s designed you, you will naturally want to live out your purpose even at an unconscious level. That is your design yielding to nature.

Moses was born to deliver Israel from the hand of the Egyptians. But before he even knew what his calling was, he had started killing an Egyptian in a bid to save an Israelite. But was he doing it the right way? Of cause not until He met God.

See eh, until you meet God and do whatever you’re doing in a God-pleasing way, you’re far from your purpose. Every true Calling starts after an encounter with the Caller!
Your purpose therefore, should go beyond your good to the good of humanity and pleasures of God.

What keeps you going is “A strong purpose” which feeds an unflinching focus, which is beyond living for you or your family but living for God and for humanity.

Finally, The essence of your existence is to communicate relevance with an investment of your personality to the society in a way that they’ll be grateful for. When you’re doing this, you get paid by the “boss of Life” and when He decides to pay you, all of nature will support.
So, raise up and get to work, dream bigger, work smarter, and never give up…

You’ve got talents, experiences, expertise, knowledge and gifts, they’re not there for fancy. They are tools to fulfil your destiny. People are making millions out of theirs. What are yours, and what are you doing with them?
Let me get your thoughts Below…
Cheers to your greatness!
Your fulfilment is my priority.

DUNAMIS SHILOH OKONWOR is a Speaker, Writer, a youth pastor, and a Coach on Personal Development and Self-Discovery. He is driven with the passion of impacting on and building up individuals through knowledge, that will in turn transform the world positively. He is the founder and president of a non governmental organization aimed at helping youths called
GODDED SEED . He is one of the sole contributor to unique empire motivational segment. Drop your comments and do come back for more.

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