Unik Articles: Tommy Tush advices CHRISTIANS who flood social media groups with Religious Write-ups


Tommy Tush Music is a Specialist and a Coach, Director of Music, Worship/Arts at HCC, Mayor of HMC, He’s also an Artist and an Author. Tommy Tush has spoken his mind and said how he’s tired about Christians who start posting religious tracts, write-ups etc on social media groups even when the group is a political group. Below is his write up which he posted on Facebook.

I’ve been trying to write this for some months now. I’ve held back cos i don’t want anyone taking it personal. If there’s anything my friends know I hate is being on a WhatsApp group. I’ve successfully removed myself from all and resisted being added to others except my Choir’s group.

Why is it that once you add Christians to any WhatsApp group they must post devotional, one testimony they saw online, one rhematic Rhema they haven’t even used in their own lives, one prophecy from someone? Why?

Even if it’s a WhatsApp group of Finalists in Unilag, or of a workgroup at their office people start misusing it. Music WhatsApp groups are the worst. Aside the daily inflow of so-called spiritual articles that have nothing to do with Music, people start posting their events and songs and start “sharing these deep stuff”. It’s so annoying that after you tell them not to, or seek permission from the Admin, they disobey and even create an issue from it.
I believe we misuse social media a lot and we haven’t seen the benefits. Those of you who keep sending daily broadcasts about your songs that people should download…. Let me tell you, they are not downloading it. You should take time to chat personally with your contacts. Don’t just bombard them to download your song. Many of you have been blocked and you don’t know it .

I’ve got some contacts who are my ” friends” and who I know one on one but haven’t tried to talk to me in years but they keep sending broadcast. It means they don’t care how I’m doing. Its all about their music careers.

Many people have turned WhatsApp groups to battle fields for argument. What is meant to bring us together has separated us. Many don’t know how to talk any more. You see one 19 years old girl who has been blessed to use an Infinix Hot phone talking anyhow to a 34 years old guy who just happens to look young.

Maybe we should go back to physical meetings. If your WhatsApp group is for Music, make it strictly music. Don’t start sharing about Holiness simply because the people on the group are Christians. Trust me if we want to hear or read holiness we know where to go. Let’s be civil and obedient.

That you have a fantastic idea, write up doesn’t mean you must share it on all platforms you belong to. Do you know anything I write online about music I don’t even post on my choirs WhatsApp group? I have all right to as the MD and its also something beneficial but I don’t want to be a nuisance. Why should I be posting every hour and make people muting the group??

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