The Church Vs Talent

The Church is a world of it’s own!

The Church is a people and not a building!

We don’t come to Church praying and go the world playing…

No, let the Church be in charge of every activity it’s member are involved in…

Let the Church gathering be a home for every Believer!

It is not wrong when a Church decides to offer an alternative platform for people to be entertained rather than leave them go into the world where Christian values are not esteemed or considered!

If young people can’t make friends in the Church, is it the world that can offer them the right friends?

If young people can’t exhibit their strength and talents in the Church, is it the worldly platforms that is good for them? Or are we asking them to be done with their talents?

If the young people can’t be educated on relationships in the Church, is it the worldly counsellors that will give them the right counsel?

The primary mission of the Church is to preach the good news and make disciples of all nations! Part of discipleship is disciplining the young people to use their talents to God’s glory! Where else will they do it better if not with the guiding and support of the Church? Why will we always criticize certain young talented Christians who are good enough to ignore the world and use their talents in the Church? If you should blame anyone, go and blame God for giving them such talents!

Jesus was at the wedding party, the wine finished… He should have asked them to stop drinking and deliberate on the book of Isaiah! He should have ignored the 5000 people that he entertained with food! He should have ignored those people who invited Him to events! But no… He knew why He came but He did not neglect the fact that humans can consciously derive pleasures through good activities. He was involved in some of them and He used those events as a platform to showcase God and His power!

Will the Church support a young person who decides to be a gospel DJ? Will the Church support a young person who decides to be a dancer? Will the Church support a young person who decides to be a rapper? Are we asking them to get out of the Church and perform with the world? Are we denying that all good things comes from God and for His own purpose?

Have you forgotten that initially, musical instruments were not allowed in the Church? It was called worldly too! Today, we have it everywhere… We also pay Instrumentalists when we run short of them in our gatherings! Then after dancing to songs someone will still come up to the stage to speak against Christians who have decided to use their talents on the right platform.

The Church is not in coma! We are the Church…. We are Royalty!

© Graceful George

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