Unik Articles: Success is intentional (A case study of Mbappe at the world cup)


Success is very intentional. Look at Mbappe, at a very young age the kid was already training daily, before he was 10 he had already met his heroes like Thierry Henry. Cristiano Ronaldo was his idol and all he wanted to be was like Ronaldo, he had His room as a child filled with Ronaldo posters, he looked at his hero before going to bed and after waking up he saw the face of his hero before running off to the pitch. Before age 14 he had already met Cristiano Ronaldo in person. At age 19-20 the kid now has a world cup, broke Henry’s records, broke Pele’s records and might one day break Ronaldo’s records and also clearly is bout to be the next biggest thing in football. 
His success was very intentional. If you check online you would find Neymar videos of him playing football so well at a young age, even Messi started at a young age, it was all very intentional.
That success you so crave for what are you doing to get to it in no distant time? Who are the successful people in that field? You don’t even know yet you want to be successful there. How many times do you spend training yourself in that particular field? Success doesn’t just come and fall on your laps there are prices to pay for that. Get up make analysis of the price you have to pay and start paying them now.
Brother Segun said his pastor said he can blow by speaking in tongues for 5 hours, don’t let religion rob off on you, it’s good to pray but after prayer get up and go do something. Faith without works is dead fam!!!

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