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Unik Articles: Stop Making Excuses


Excuse is an omen or attitude possessed by a man that eventually succumbed to a mistake. Excuse is an unknown act possessed by a man of integrity or a man of high-esteem without having the knowledge that the omen is ready to render his reputation to a zero level.
At times our excuse of not doing that, which we supposed to have done makes us foolish, because our excuses sometimes has no value to meet up the exception of doing that which we supposed to have done. Excuse de-values a man.

Mistake always exist before men. Do not be dismayed when it seems that you do things in a wrong way while you desire to do the right thing. The best solution towards this omen “EXCUSE” is accepting that you are at fault at any time you make a mistake. After all, it teaches us on how to tackle a problem before us, with the knowledge gotten from the mistake you’ve made and knowing fully well on how to avoid the mistake from repetition.

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