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Sex! Sex!! Sex!!! Quite perturbing, it rattles the mind of the Saint, and rules the mind of the taint, such a grip it holds on our beings that we cannot ignore it, not as married adults, and definitely not as young singles. It’s however time to set a paradigm!
Quite frankly, most people especially believers would rather ignore the elephant the room, and complain about the mosquitoes and chase the rats. Can you imagine that literally, walking into your room to see an adult sized elephant, but you kept talking, pretending like such a space consuming elephant isn’t there and complain about how the rat is eating your foodstuffs, the problem is the elephant won’t stay stagnant forever, you better fix it before it breaks you! Everyone would rather talk about how spiritual they are, how much they pray in the morning, how much of the Word is studied, how much of evangelism is done, and how much of all these they don’t do, while these is often necessary, none wants to talk about their sexuality and how its ignored ignorance destroys them. While our conscious spiritual activities might lodge in a few hours of our day, we have our sexuality to deal with the rest of the time.
Funnily, we have mostly absorbed consciously or subconsciously sex view points as defined the world we’ve ran with many of this perverted ideologies and believed them to be true, however these must be reevaluated from the standard of the Word which we’ve mostly ignored. Many have sought answers to their sexuality from people that are as clueless as they are, which are also seeking real help on how to be whole as a being or from a system that has no true answer but perversion from the truth. It’s beautiful to know how mysterious we can be even as individuals, and how there’s a lot even about ourselves that we cannot uncover in a lifetime, for many of these things we would simply understand them, for others that cannot be changed we’d just accept them! The world’s definition of sex has really been scary, today all sorts of inhumane acts of sexual violence streams on the media, from the 75year old man that raped a 2year old girl, to a father that molests his own daughter, to toddlers that have already profaned their minds  sexually, to teenagers and young adults feeling used and abused by their partners, to married couples been sexually discontent, extramarital affairs involving even pastors, and shocking as a husband raping his own wife, yeah that’s crazy! The world defines sex as self-serving, unholy passions, fleshy, perverted pleasure and fun, self-pleasing, dirty, degrading, inhumane, manipulation, money making venture, rape & abuse, and crime; at best, sex is defined as a passionate symbol of love shared by couples (married or not) as an expression of love and heated passions at heated moments, this is so often portrayed in movies vivid all around us, that one can easily mistake these things for the standard and norm. If one was born in the 21st century and never read history, went to church, listen and fellowship with wise believers, and simply assimilated the happenings in the society as the standard for living, one would stray so much from the way of God and believe he lives a good life. Sadly, there are more than enough in this position.
Let’s define sex out of its many perversions; sex and holiness do not have to exist on opposing ends of the same spectrum, they don’t have to be two parallel lines that can never meet. Sex can be holy, and its pleasures righteous. Prayer without faith, faith without works, works without righteousness, righteousness without God, God without Spirit, Word without life, signs and wonders without God’s presence, all is dead, vain, and perverted; also is sex without God, sex without covenant, sex without marriage, and sex without worship!
God always has been constant, and regardless of how much or popular wrong is, the standards of righteousness hasn’t fallen a bar short. To come to terms of what sex really is, we need ask one question, why sex?
When I talked with people why they felt sex is; most were quick to conclude that sex was designed for reproduction as its ultimate purpose. However, I beg to differ as about or over 95% of sexual activities aren’t targeted for reproduction purposes. Simply considering the woman’s ovulation cycle, one would clearly see that the chances and probability of conception is quite limited, as you cannot pregnant a woman at any time of the month. I like to say, if sex unavoidably yields a child, many would have sex probably thrice in a lifetime. …………………….(TO BE CONTINUED)

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