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Practical Ways To Fulfill Your Purpose



Stop Complaining About The Devil. He’s Fulfilling His Purpose/destiny, Strive Towards Fulfilling Yours. His Purpose/destiny Is To Stop You From Fulfilling Your Purpose/destiny. Your Purpose/destiny Is To Stop Him From Fulfilling His Purpose/Destiny. It’s Vice-versa. The Devil Rejoices When He Sees Unbelievers, But He Rejoices More When He Sees Believers Walking In Ignorance. This World Is Too Spiritual For Men That Operate Physically.

Wondering How To Tackle The Devil?
Let me Show You Some Very Practical Techniques. When Your Phone Is On “Flight Mode”, It’s Connectivity Is Restricted. That’s How It Is In The Spirit Realm Too. The Devil Finds In So Difficult To Connect And Share Resources With Believers On “Flight Mode”. “Running With A Mandate” Is Now Outdated, We’re In The Season Of Flying. Not Just Flying, But Flying Dedicatedly And Concentratedly! Flight Involves Height. Give Heights To Ur Mandate.

Ephesian 6:11-18 Talks About Putting On The Whole Armour Of God And Prayer As Methods Of Standing Against The Wiles Of The Devil.

The Devil Looks For Unprotected Parts, That’s Why The Bible Talks About “whole” Armour. When The Whole Armour Is Worn, Then Attacks Are Not Feared So Much. Even With The Armour, There’s A Tendency Of Falling But No Injury Is Acquired. That’s Exactly How It Is In The Realm Of The Supernatural. That’s Why The Scriptures Talk About The Righteous Man Rising After Falling Many Times.

When You See Professional Soldiers On A Mission, They Always Have A Means Of Communicating With Their Station. If The Means Is Destroyed, Then There Is A Very High Probability Of “mission Failed”. A Believer That Cannot Pray Is Matching Towards “mission Failed”

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