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This article is based on KNOWING THE VISION with Pst Freeman and Pst U C Smart organized by Music Ministers Network International.

People perish because they don’t understand the vision they have received. Sometimes, lack of vision is not the problem but lack of understanding of the vision. Vision is the heart beat of God revealed to a man in a particular season. Every God-given vision has a mandate to fulfill. Vision is not just seeing a new thing; it is seeing the accomplishments of Jesus. We can only access it when we understand it.

Daniel 8:16: A man’s understanding of the vision is what determines his attitude towards the vision. You need understanding of the vision to carry it out! When the vision is not understood, division is inevitable. The understanding of the vision is paramount to carrying it out. People have no reason to gather together if there is no vision. Vision is what it takes to bring people together under one umbrella. Following a man without vision is like playing with your destiny. The body of Christ has one vision regardless of any denomination one is affiliated to. Understanding this breaks the barrier of denominations. A man who is lazy or stingy to the Church has not understood the vision. Our understanding of the vision colors our attitude towards that vision. A man who isn’t versed in the vision of any organization will be a thorn in the flesh to that organization. You cannot make maximum progress until people who follow you understands the vision. Men who don’t understand the vision are full of excuses. Leadership and vision comes with burden. People are not committed to something because they don’t understand the vision.

Daniel 10:7 There is trouble in any organization where it is only the leader that understands the vision. Every vision has its own men. When God gives a man vision He also supplies men to him. No wonder, sometimes it is the founders that are always much more committed to the vision because they understand it better. People who don’t understand the vision stagger, because their prosperity is tied to the vision… The vision leads to flourishing. People who don’t understand the vision will flee easily. When the vision is not understood, people flee! When they understand it they run! Habakkuk 2

In Daniels 10, the men were quaked, in Habakkuk the men were standing. Habakkuk said “I will see what he will say…” vision doesn’t mean hearing what is said but seeing what is said. Discussion means to hear and interact with words but vision means to see the words come alive in your mental picture (Isaiah 51:2-3). God called Abraham alone and everyone accepted it by faith and when God call people to a vision you have to accept it by faith.

The vision must be written in plain words, in other words, it must be revealed in all clarity! Persons who understand the vision run with it, they move with speed to spread that vision because they have understood the relevance of that vision. Those who have received the vision from God are responsible for making it plain so that people can understand it easily and know their place in it. When a person is dormant in a commission, he or she has not come to the understanding of it. When people study the vision, they gain mastery of it and they run with it. Consider the vision you are running with before taking critical decisions.

Two things that control vision are SPIRITUAL FORCE and FINANCIAL FORCE. The spirit runs the vision, material things push it. You don’t run ministry with just prayers. You run it with resources. You can’t understand the vision and stay one place… You run with it! Even your resources run that vision with you. When you understand the vision, you are sold out to it.

EZEKIEL 12:27 Every vision reveals the future. The reason why people are not concerned with a vision is because they don’t know what the future of that vision holds. A person who understands the vision doesn’t check today’s profit because he knows what the future holds for that vision. The progress of the people in the future is their understanding of the vision today. To check a man’s future, check his understanding of the vision today. If you joke with the vision today, you may choke in the future.


Originally written by Graceful George

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