Unik Articles: Is God against the use of Technology?


For decades, Nigerian Christians have done nothing but paint God as anti-tech. Beginning with what I’d call the ‘Holiness Movement’ of conservative churches such as the Deeper Life in the 70s to the ‘Charismatic Movement’ of pentecostal churches such as the Winners Chapel et al, the church in Nigeria has waged a doctrinal war against every new frontier in technology. It seemed as though every new advancement in hitech always threw the Nigerian church into some kind of doctrinal paranoia. Every latest gadget, chip or device was always directly and indirectly linked to the Antichrist; to the manifestation of the beast or some similar theory. For too long, the Church had exhibited naked zeal and untamed extremism absent understanding towards technological innovations. The churches have been paranoid.They called the television the ‘devil’s box’; demonized the emergence of digital computing as the devil’s tool; created a mass hysteria over the digitalization of banking and the coding system; condemned the innovation of medical chips and now proscribing the invasion of artificial intelligence. All of these are viewed by Christians as covert modus operandi and antics of the coming Antichrist. And each time, they have been wrong!This paranoia stems from a poor revelation of Who God is. In the minds of these church folks, the God of the Scripture is one stone age Personae with a phobia for man’s technological ingenuity. And He fears technology because it is the ultimate weapon of the Antichrist. These folks got it backwards.Technology is God’s weapon, not the Enemy’s. And when the Antichrist comes he would be availing himself the tools God Himself had inspired. In other words, the last battle would be fought on God’s terms, not the Antichrist’s.By this token, the Internet is God’s turf, God’s territory. The emerging field of artificial intelligence is God’s idea. His master plan. Armed with this understanding, Christians can begin to harvest and maximize these technologies and platforms for God and His End time Agenda rather than tagging them as demonic.This is the only way to win the battle- by training with the same tools as the adversary.God is techie because He is the Source of all Scientia. All knowledge resides in Him. Without Him, no invention and innovation will be possible. Christians must think this way and end their usual paranoia towards technology.

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