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While studying God’s word today, God started showing me why we often experience breakups and heartbreaks in relationships.

Falling in and out of love is a result of carnal feelings! We are often moved by our emotional feelings and that is why we keep feeling unsecured in relationships. I have always been a victim of that, reading meanings into every detail and moves! No one can satisfy our high emotional inquisitiveness because people can’t truly control how we feel. But there is a better way, walking in love!

When we take God’s word the way it is and apply it in our relationships, forgiveness, trust, kindness and even understanding becomes easier! Divorce and breakups are usually results of unforgiveness and misunderstanding! Your emotional instincts may tell you “check her phone, she is obviously cheating on you”, “you see, she didn’t return your calls because she is with someone else” and you go nuts! You can’t believe that after all you have done for her or him they’d cheat on you… That is your sense talking! How about all that Jesus did for us? Yet we won’t deny we have always messed up and He keeps interceding on our behalf. Your carnal sense is what usually breaks up your relationships. When the Bible says we are as Jesus in this world, it also calls for a practice of the character of Jesus! We must always ask ourselves, if Jesus is in my shoes, what will He do in this situation?

See it the Jesus-way when your instincts say “check her phone, she is obviously cheating on you” you tell you instincts “you may be right but that’s why the act of forgiveness exist. I forgive her because that is what the Bible demands. Jesus does it all the time.” you keep your mind off the negatives and keep being positive. You get a cold response from your spouse and you reply “honey am sure you had a tough day or maybe am sorry for anything I did wrong”… This is only possible when you have allowed knowledge to rule over emotions! Love people despite their mistakes and they will get better for your sake! It is a practice, you may fail it sometime but keep practicing! Jesus loved us first before we started struggling to show a little concern for Him.

When your spouse annoy you, instead of going moody, walking out on them, wishing you never met them or doing other funny things, just decide to act like Jesus even when it makes no sense! Say “honey, I was not okay with what you did but I forgive you, forgive me for getting angry at all! I understand am dealing with a person not ghost”

It is easier said than done! Of course yes! Situations might arise, our faith can be shaken and our emotions can swell our heart like it is going to burst but we can still decide to put into practice the fruits of our born again spirit. It is something I have also decided to practice from now on!

You would think! If I start acting that way, is it not a license for my spouse to keep doing wrong knowing I would forgive always and overlook? We also say the same thing about the grace of God! We say it gives people license to sin because God is merciful! But no, forget the fear, fear is carnal! Another thing that destroys relationships! Truth is, it will help them love you freely without pretence! TRUE LOVE IS POSSIBLE!

You don’t find true love, you practice true love! True love is the practice of love in its pure and true form!

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