Unik Articles: God will not do for a man what man can do for himself


I saw TD Jakes on an interview on TV last week and he said something that caught my attention. He said;

“If you ask The Lord for a a table or a chair, He won’t just give you any table or chair. He’ll give you a forest, in which you’ll find trees, out of which you’ll get wood so you can make your own furniture”.

Now I am not one to easily listen to or agree with a pastor, but I was impressed with his school of thought. He was basically saying that miracles don’t just happen if we sit idly by and do nothing. He was saying that God doesn’t perform magic the way people expect, instead, God provides an enabling opportunity for human beings to create their own miracles. Sadly though, I realised that TD Jakes will not survive as a pastor in Nigeria.
Nigerians don’t want to hear all that bullshit! That’s too much hard work and brainstorming. We want to to hear,

“Pay your tithes and The Lord will reward you with a promotion”,“Sow your house rent into the church and The Lord will give you a house”,“Give your car to the man of god and The Lord will bless you with five new ones”.

That is the kind of gospel Nigerians love to hear.
The gospel of unmerited favor, The gospel of divine grace, The gospel of mediocrity, The gospel of laziness, The Nigerian gospel.

The gospel that says if you apply for a job which you’re the least qualified and you get it, it’s by the grace of God, The gospel that says if someone mistakenly transfers money into your account, it’s a miracle.
Nigerians simply expect their God to be a magician. We expect this God to come down from heaven and do everything for us. ‘God go help us’, the Nigerians  favourite quote. This is why the white people are more progressive in thinking than us. The white man doesn’t just sit and wait for miracles, he creates his own miracles.

Electricity is a miracle, The aeroplane is a miracle, Automobiles are a miracle, Polio vaccine is a miracle, Putting a man on the moon is a miracle, The internet is a miracle, Your laptop is a miracle, Your smartphone is a miracle, This is how you define a miracle.

The white people will never buy the kind of dumb shit Africans listen to and swallow; and their preachers know it. Our Nigerian pastors won’t make it this big over there. But down here, we believe every cock and bull story we’re told. We swallow every childish fantasy that’s fed to us. We simply love dumb mediocre shit! This is why we have too many fraudulent preachers among us. This is why they’re all breathing fire and brimstone because their fraudulent source of livelihood is being threatened.

Now I may not know a lot about your God or his ways, but I know one thing;
If he works the way your Nigerian pastors make you believe he does, if prayers, fasting and tithing actually does shit, Nigeria would be the best country in the world to live in. We wouldn’t have our people drowning in the Mediterranean Sea everyday trying to reach Europe. We’d have a system that actually works. We’ve got the richest pastors, the biggest churches and we sure as hell call on God more than any other country in the world, so why are we suffering the way we are.

Don’t you see that you’re being deceived. Change your thought patterns people! “God will not do for man what man can do for himself”.

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