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I know you have a dream, or at least a mental picture of what you desire your life to become in the future. There are also people you admire and would want to be like them; either to have what they have or to be where they are.
Do you know, that your dream is possible?
Yes, absolutely possible.

Our design as humans, has an underpin capacity of achievement. We were not designed for things to happen to us, we were designed to happen to things.
Of all things God created, man remains the most superior and valuable. Man therefore has the capability of controlling other things at a level that is dependent on time, knowledge and effort.

Permit me to take you a little back to the beginning.
When God created man, God gave him dominion over every other thing He created, and gave him the Capability of recreating what he has created. Adam actually, gave meaning to God’s creation, that was how powerful man is.
The purpose of Everything + man is to serve God, and the purpose of everything is to serve man.

Adam was able to name every other thing God created, including circumstances, feelings and occurrences. So, by the way man was created, man was to happen to things; define or change situations, feelings, and almost everything God created on earth.
So, I use to think that, “God is God of the universe and man is God on earth”
Yeah, God said “Let us make man in our own image, after our likeness and let them have dominion over everything on earth”

So, for you to achieve your dream, you must first bear in mind that “we are not meant to be victims of circumstances as humans, we are meant to be creators of our lives”
“Whatsoever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve” – Napoleon Hill

For you to achieve your dreams
1. Define clearly what you want to have or be.
2. Ask yourself what do I need to “do” to have what I want, or become who I want.
3. Write down, all you need to do to have what you want or be who you want.
4. Break them into smaller bits, and start small, everyday, consistently.
You don’t just make a billion in one day, except you won a lottery.
You don’t change overnight to be like your role model the next day.
Life is a process, patience is the acceptance of the process.
You have to start small, do one thing each day that will draw you closer to your dreams.
You can’t start counting millions without counting one. So you must start bit by bit, day by day and be CONSISTENT!
One other important virtue you need to have to achieve your dream is COMMITMENT; the ability for you to stay through to your decision even after the mood in which you made that decision has left you.
And finally, get help from a more experienced person and preferably a Coach, you might not live long enough to figure it all by yourself.
So, before you go to bed, review your goals.
In the morning when you wake, rehearse your goals.
Don’t stop until you reach your goals.
And not just the sky, beyond the sky will be your starting point.
You’re a leader, and your fulfilment is my priority
—Dunamis Shiloh Okonwor

DUNAMIS SHILOH OKONWOR is a Speaker, Writer, a youth pastor, and a Coach on Personal Development and Self-Discovery. He is driven with the passion of impacting on and building up individuals through knowledge, that will in turn transform the world positively. He is the founder and president of a non governmental organization aimed at helping youths called
GODDED SEED . He is one of the sole contributor to unique empire motivational segment. Drop your comments and do come back for more.

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  2. To Achieve Our Dreams, We All Need To Work Towards It By Been Commited, Consistent And Focused.

    Thanks For This Wonderful Post

  3. Nice article … the most important aspect of dreaming Is to make It come true.

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