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Unik Article: Why you shouldn’t attend that program again – Evang Iyke Oriaku


Apostle Arome Osayi is coming to Port Harcourt, Papa Paul Enenche is coming to Owerri, Rev Sam Tukura is coming to Kaduna, Pastor David Ogbueli is coming to Ibadan, Daddy David Ibeyiome is coming to Abakaliki, Apostle Joshua Selman is coming to Abuja, Lawrence Oyor is coming to Enugu and you are making arrangements to be in all the programs because they are men God has made popular. It is good but don’t let your love for popular men of God rob you of the timing of God.
Every man has a man that carries his season; the man that will carry your season might not be popular. He might be a young minister that is not known for serial healings and miraculous, he might not be a seer or a prophet but it might be Him that God chose to usher you into another season. That is why they are still expecting Jesus to be born in Israel till today because they were waiting for a Messiah that would be born in a popular stage and Jesus looked at them and cried because they missed being active in that move of God. 


Boy, stop attending conferences because of the popularity of the guest preachers if not, you might only come back with only stories with no trace of glory. This generation is being driven to conferences, based on who is coming to preach. No wonder, we come back with testimonies of how God used these men, and yet, after how many years, God has not found us worthy enough to use us.
We are a generation with uncircumcised desires, the sons of Isaccchar never made such mistakes, they understood the times, they knew that God can choose to hide in unpopular vessels to make men very popular, they knew that when God wants to move in a generation, He doesn’t announce it. He only invades men and women whose eyes are only on Him.
The author of the book God might want to pass through to give you an encounter might not be popular, the conference where God might want to use to settle your life might not have any popular preacher on the poster.
He said: “Thou shall seek him and find Him when you seek him with all thy heart…”
What attracts God to men is their hunger. Look for a man that will stir your hunger for God, whether popular or not. The woman of Samaria didn’t know who Jesus was but Jesus stirred the hunger in her heart and she began to ask for the living water.

There are many men and women God has wore their faces to stir the hearts of this generation towards looking for that living water but, we largely abandon their programs in search of those that are already known.

I am grateful to God for what He is using these great men of God mentioned above to do all of them have imparted my life and are still imparting me and we know that God will keep sustaining them for this generation but, ask them questions.
They will tell you that the meetings where they attended and caught fire might not have been publicized the men that God used to set them ablaze might not be known, both then and now if they had missed the cloud, they would have remained in the crowd today.
I am afraid this generation of young ministers are already trapped in this quagmire. Lord, please may we not miss the hour of our visitations while running after popular preachers who might not be carriers of our glorious seasons. Open the eyes of our understanding even if the program is inside a Batcher and the guest speakers are largely unknown may we not look down on such sacred opportunity save us from religious foolishness and by your mercy please, plant us in the path of wisdom.
We have started well, we shall also end well. In Jesus Name.

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