Why Do Young People Go Into Crime?

Humans – by the way we are created – have the natural propensity to do evil, but deep within us we prefer to do good just like Apostle Paul put it in the bible. Even though we have that propensity to do evil we don’t do it except we are forced to – by circumstances or difficulties.

A friend of mine once said “Don’t tell me you’re not a thief when you’ve not had an opportunity to steal”
Often times, young people go into communicating nuisance value in society and committing crime because of several factors from society, family, friends and the government. Reason being that they either feel rejected, neglected, ab-used or disrespected. However, no reason would be reasonable enough to kill, steal from, abuse or cheat your neighbor. We are humans, we are not struggling for survival – that’s done in the jungle. We are not animals, ours is to find “meaning” and seek to live out our true essence. It does not start by making a discovery. It starts by being faithful in whatever you’re doing and where ever you are. You’re certainly not the worse person on earth, I bet you, there are people who have passed through same Challenge as yours and are successful today.

You can’t be diligent in your business and not stand before kings – Its a principle! The question then is have you found a business or a job or work to do? Although a lot of Nigerians complain about unemployment. My question is “are you employable?” I believe there are a lot of things to do if you really can do, not by paper certification but by practical work. A guy met me sometime ago and told me “sir, I’m looking for a job”, I asked him ” what can you do sir?”, he said “anything, I will do”… That’s the problem, you can’t just be doing anything. Employers are not looking for anybody, they’re looking for specific people with specific abilities to do specific things very well.

The best kind of business is not someone else’s, I believe it’s the one we have within us that defines our unique personalities; our natural abilities, talents or gifts. God never created anyone without a special talent. Your talents, gifts and abilities are tools to help you fulfill your Purpose on earth. Your job is to discover them and let them have full expression regardless of circumstances – they’ll soon announce you out.

If you want to make this decision, you must have to take a second look at who your friends are and begin to select friends that are adding values and not reducing your values.

Finally seek a mentor. The joy of every successful person is not just in his success but to see people admire it and desire to be like them. Do you have anybody you admire his/her achievement and want to have same? Walk up to them and pour your heart. You were born for a higher purpose than what you’re doing. It doesn’t start by discovering what it is, it starts by being faithful where you are. Your family background, nationality, tribe and whatever that naturally connect to you are perfect for your kind of purpose. Raise up and grant your talents and gifts full expression.

The truest essence of life is to communicate relevance to society with an investment of your unique personality. Your unique personality is what we need in the world today and it’s what will give you the kind of life you were created to have.

Nigeria needs you, the world needs you, your family needs you…

Raise up and impact your world with your personality.

You’re a leader and your fulfillment is my priority.

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