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Unik Article: Who Are You Following?


The eternal words of the great Rabbi.
I saw it. I read about it. I reflected on the depth of truth it contained. So I decided to share.
In retrospect, it is quite eventful recognizing that the great Rabbi said those words with a foresight of how the world of today would eventually be ruled by clicks, likes, and follow.
The social media and the explosion of the cyberspace has collapsed the boundaries thereby reemphasizing the deep meaning tucked away in those simple words.
Who or what you are following is what determines your making. Conversely, what you are becoming is heavily tied to the things you are following.
What are you becoming? Check who or what you are following on social media, it is making you.
If you don’t like what you are becoming, change who or what you are following. Yes, click the unfollow button, that’s the reason it is made available for you.
You probably need to do more “unfollowing” than the following.
Originally written by Prince Chinedu Okwuosa
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