Unik Article: Who a woman is, as analyzed by George Nnadozie


Women are primarily designed to be loved. Paul said “husbands love your wife” which means the woman will always reflect the abundance of love or neglect given to her. He didn’t ask the wife to love their husbands because the wife will automatically manifest love when love is given to her.

Women are not the characters we have imposed on them with culture, religion and traditions! Women were made for a purpose better than cooking and satisfying a sex-hungry man! Right now, being a woman isn’t just about looking feminine… It is difficult to be a woman when the roles seemed to have been redefined!

The only true word that defines the woman is “helpmeet”, at the thought of that, the manifestation of the woman came to be. Women are stronger and powerful, yet tender and lovely. Women are being abused because the knowledge of who they are seem scarce! Women are not taught to be women, they are simply thought to be service-girls! I say again, shower a woman with love and you get it back from her in bigger folds!

The woman is not an inferior version of the male folks nor are they just an afterthought! The woman are not sexual objects nor do they deserve abuse! The women do not lack intelligence like most folks say and they are not patents belonging to the male! The women are not who you use just as you want… That is the picture our society has painted but our society has always painted the wrong picture!

Women are equal with the men but they are designed to function differently! The idea of women being mere subordinates isn’t godly, it is a result of the fallen nature but in Christ we know what God’s will is. There is neither male nor female… Which means, there is no ranking!

This is why many men marry women as though they are purchasing horses! This is why women are considered servants and slaves, expected to look after their man and children and never be looked after! This is why cooking good food has been considered a virtue for women but not considered as relevant for men! This is why a woman has no say in marriage and their tenderness is used against them!

Growing up, I had always hated the African mentality towards the women! I have always revolted against the maltreatment of women and I have always seen the women as great people! This is why I must set an example for my children by allowing my wife be my wife and not my slave… This is why I will put hands with my wife and build a family the way it is supposed, so that my children can grow up knowing the value of women and God’s purpose for them.

My voice may not be heard by everyone at once but I can start from where I am, I can raise a different generation and I can influence my locality. I am different and I want to be famous for being a real man! A real man isn’t the man who sees the woman as an afterthought or a weak personality! A real man loves the women, a real man loves his wife and allow them to be whom God has designed them to be.

I will be talking about the women in some days.
On that note, I celebrate all the amazing women all over the world, I celebrate every woman in my life, I celebrate the amazing things God is doing in the world with women… What would the world be like without male and female? Variety is the spice! Yes, I have been with my mum who is lovely, I have been with listening women, women who knows where your heart beats and I have seen the amazing blessing God gave to the male folks… That blessing is called “WOMAN”


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