Unik Article: The mistakes Frank Edward and Sinach made that affected their music ministries as analyzed by Iyke Oriaku


How many mountains did Frank Edwards sleep on before God introduced him?
How many prayer camps did Sinach and Steve Crown went to live in before God made Name for Himself through them?
Ask Prosper of ‘Ekwueme’
Let him tell you how many days praying and fasting they told him to do on any of the highest mountains in Oyo State before God put his name in the mouths of men and women.
These people were busy serving in their different departments in church. While others were busy running to the mountain, hiding away from church responsibilities.Thinking they will use charismatic activism to confuse the veterans in heaven. But when God wanted to announce men, He didn’t go to the mountain to choose.He went to those who are serving Him continually. And today, both those on the mountain and those on the valley are being blessed by them. Sister, Go to the mountains and tell our brothers and sisters there to go and join a department in their churches. The OIL they are looking for is waiting for them there. If not, they will waste their lives on the mountain, having nothing to show to their generation. When people are not ready to pay the price of service, they start running from mountain to mountain. And when their Pastor complain, they will say they are envying them.

David’s brothers were looking for microphone, so that everyone will see that they too are spiritual. But David was in an obscure department in his church, taking care of sheep’s. When the chips were down, men on pulpit failed. Men who were serving in departments took over. If you abandon your duty in the church, without permission and say you are looking for power, you might end up getting the power. But you will carry that power and still be looking for ‘something’ else. And that ‘something’ else is what makes you in demand in your generation.
You don’t get it in bible school.
You don’t get it in the praying mountains.
Go back and serve God with your abilities.
While serving, in pains, hunger, shame, that ‘something’ will come on you.


No matter how much you hate these guys, your local animosity and high class aspersions will not pull them down. You might even be holier and more talented than them. But in the place of pains, they have paid for that thing. And they have gotten the Oil. God is not wicked. If He wants you to leave that place, He would have made it clear to you and provided another place. But for now, remain there and serve. Unless you have not seen many people that have been on many mountains from year to year, for decades now. Yet, they have no trace of spiritual alignment and nothing like glory. Learn from them so that others will not learn from you. To obey is better than to go and be doing 100 days praying and fasting in gross disobedience. The little you pray in that choir seat or ushering department, even with your weaknesses, will have more result more than the 20hours you climb the mountain to pray in disobedience. You don’t bribe God with spiritual activities. He is the One that sees in secret…
And He will reward you with power in the open. Who knows, may be, Frank Edwards has not been to any praying mountain since he was born. But I have seen God using his ministration to heal diverse sick and heartbroken people. Because it is not of works, lest any man should boast. It is because he served God under a man of God. And a phenomenal OIL was added. Drop the microphone and look for broom in that church Stop looking for posters to appear, look for what you can do to make the church you are in better. Leave them to be on the mountain ‘deceiving’ themselves. When the chips are down, God will bless the works of your hands in that church.

For ‘I will arise and have mercy upon Zion, For it is time to favour her…”
Not because Zion can pray.
Not because Zion can fast, 3days, dry.
But because Zion ‘finds pleasure in the stones, thereof…’
If you have not found pleasure in God’s activities in His house yet, there is still an amount of glory you cannot handle. That’s why God said: “Woe to them that are at ease in Zion…” Your Church doesn’t have singer. There is no one to drive the online ministry of your pastor. And you can do all these things. Yet, you are on the mountain, every day, praying and fasting. Brother, stop deceiving yourself. You are using God to look for trouble. Go back and ask for what to do in that church. If that church has become to big, look for a smaller church where your services will be more needed and beneficial to the Kingdom. Don’t remain in a big church because of big name and you remain small even while serving a big God. All of us are one. Take your abilities to where it will be appreciated more in heaven. I am not saying what I read in books. I am not writing what I will do. It is what some of us have done And we have seen it working.


I lost my first Facebook account because I shut down my Facebook when I entered a church and saw that they didn’t have online ministry. I walked up and told the pastor and he gave me go ahead. To start Facebook page for the church. We began to fly the church activities online. The church didn’t have money to buy phone or computer, I began to use my phone. And the church was been more blessed. Every morning, my pastor will tell me how many people calling him, because they were blessed by his online works. He never prayed for me, but I know he was blessing me. Before I left there, another person took over. But by then, I had forgotten the password of my account. It was painful to lose those wonderful friends. But since I lost them because of the service of God, I was OK with it. Today, God has also given me wonderful friends on Facebook. Which you reading this is one of them. And this same Facebook has blessed my life and ministry. More than when I had the other account…
Sir, wish you will understand. After university, I served a church that was less than 2 members. Others were looking for money, I joined him and we were looking for souls.

I didn’t see him. I saw the God that called him. And I left all and served there for many years. Today, I am no more there. But I am eating from the things I sowed when i was there. They are lying to you when they tell you to throw money on their foot and you will become this and that. The best thing a man should tell you is to go and serve God with your abilities. There is no irresponsibility in Christianity. If you are running after men of God because you saw them with 200cars, you are not born again yet. Go and use your talent and trade in Zion. The God that made them will make you.


In the fullness of time, God will make you what your efforts cannot make you.
Are you ready?
Then, let us pray

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