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The gospel depends on secular modules to get to secular people. Music is secular but it can convey God’s power through the gospel. The same musical instruments used in glorifying sin can be used in glorifying God. The same hall used for a wild party can be used as a place to host life changing events. The same microphone used in talking nonsense can be used in talking sense. Facebook is secular but the gospel is also flowing through it.

Jesus came, he ignored the religious folks and went for secular people! Why? Because He was in the world and not of the world. To win the world, we must use the languge they hear. English language is secular, you use it to present the gospel to an unbeliever. That same persons believes the gospel, gets filled with the Holy Spirit and start speaking spiritual languages.

The clothes you wear is secular. The ‘okirika’ we buy in the market has been worn by atheists who say God does not exist or even cultists! But we buy these same clothes and wear them to Churches and still experience the touch of God. The new clothes you buy weren’t produced by a Christian clothing line. There is no such thing as “gospel tailors” and therefore we are the ones who simply branded it “gospel artists”.

What am I saying? The gospel still depends on secular means to spread. The same TV channels that broadcast vulgar songs showcase church events. It is because of ignorance that the Church have allowed the devil to hold on to the word “secular” as though it was his patent.

For a believer, Christ is seen even in his secular activities. The principles of Christ can be seen in a believer who chooses to write songs that aren’t solely meant to be done in Church services. If you say a Christian musician must stick to writing and performing “gospel songs”, then Christians shouldn’t be doctors, lawyers, engineers and all of that. It is not gospel to tell a patient “your are HIV positive”, it is not gospel to tell a man “I sentence you to life imprisonment”, it is not gospel to tell someone “your car engine has gone beyond repair”… But we have Christians in these fields and same Christians begins to see a brother in Church who does secular songs as “agent of darkness”. So many secular songs are better than what some of us sing in Church. How can you compare Michael Jackson’s “make the world a better place” and our brethren’s “Holy Ghost fire fall on my enemies?”… I rather sing Michael Jackson’s song and even dance it like him than sing some of those rubbish unbiblical songs people wrote in the name of “gospel song”.

When you meet a Christian doctor, he may tell a patient “you are HIV positive but believe me, Jesus still loves you and He can lead you through this storm.”, a Christian lawyer can say “you have been sentenced to life imprisonment. But believe me, Jesus still has great plans for you if you can surrender to him”…

Now you see, secular is not an enemy of the gospel. Next time, stop thinking a Christian is a person who doesn’t listen to other songs than those labeled “gospel songs” or one who isn’t in politics. Believers should start writing secular songs where the principles of Christ can also be carried into the clubs. Yes, I said it!

Just like am using my secular phone, language and internet to communicate the principles of Christ, much more can be done in every other sector including politics.

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Graceful George is a Pastor, Author, Recording Artist, Relationship/Career Coach, Motivational Speaker and a Web Designer. He’s also an Editorial Member at National Youth Council of Nigeria. He’s a great worshipper and a lover of God who’s filled with the passion to lead many to the light of God.

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