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Unik Article: Taking the gospel to all the sector of the earth


It has been a major problem in Nigeria that when a product, brand or anything wants to be advertised, either nudity or a sex focused image or language will be used. If you are conversant with DSTV premium advert there is a part where the camera is focused on the ass of the girl walking which if you are not careful, it will paint a wrong image on your mind which will lead to a wrong impression and if not really careful to the core you will start visualizing and planning rubbish, but will that always continue?

I’m proud to see Christian artists rising up to make theme songs for events whether gospel event or not. We are called to be salt of the world and we are meant to affect all areas of the world: the banking, education, sport whatever aspect you can think of. If we will all get up to affect our world in totality I guess we will be hearing less of vulgar theme songs and with time they will go on extinction. Same apply to models too. When you model, don’t just model the body and beauty but model Christ as well.

With Joy in my heart and the pride I’m feeling I present to you Renaissance the official theme song for WAFFEST (Warri Fitness Festival) a fitness festival hosted in Warri, Delta state organised by fitness and wellness trainer EmmaPassion. The theme song was written, recorded and performed by Gospel Hip Hop artist KingSupremez. This particular theme song was for the third edition tagged Renaissance and this music will be available for download come July 5th and just in case you know, it’s a beautiful tune that you can use during your exercise period be it just walking, jogging, weight lifting. Keep calm and anticipate the beautiful song and while you do so, kindly share this article with the social media buttons below.

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