Unik Article: Gamie – Called to the church or to the street/world?


This has been the question on the minds of most christian artistes. Today we have a larger number of Christian artistes fulfilling the first category. A Church is like a home and we all know what it feels like when your immediate family supports your venture into creative arts. The church over the years has been successful in creating an enabling environment for many talented youths, giving them the opportunity to learn various skills and also provide them a platform for artistic expression. Many successful artists boast of starting out in a local church choir. We also have a huge number of talented individuals coming out of church with a different agenda, refusing to allow their music reflect their faith or taking a secular path under the guise of doing mainstream music. The focus of this discourse is to identify the various categories available for a Christian artiste.

1. As a christian artiste your art can serve different purposes. There are those who function within the church. Their artistic service is specifically directed to the church and for the church.

2. Also there those whose artistic service is directed to the world/street. This category takes the gospel via art to the world without conforming to the world’s standard. They have an evangelistic approach and are skilled at writing songs that dwell on various topics that meet people’s needs through the light of God’s word.

3. The 3rd category are those whose art cut across to both the church and the world/street. They are able to serve both purposes by meeting the needs of both audiences. We must understand that the messages directed to the ‘unsaved’ are different from the messages directed to the ‘saved’.

Scripturally we are all instructed by Jesus himself to go into the world and preach the gospel (Mark16:15&Matt 28:18-20). Also there was an incident where Christ was asked why he ate with sinners but his response was that he didn’t come for the saved but for the unsaved (Matt 9:10). It is important to search deep within to discover which of the categories you belong. This will get you off to a good start in understanding your place, your strength and your target audience.


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