Exclusive review of One Tap by Benjiszzy Zaakii

One Tap by Benjiszzy Review

Exclusive review of One Tap by Benjiszzy Zaakii.

One Tap is the latest jam from Benjiszzy Zaakii the Son of the Lion and here is what we here at Unik Empire think about the new single. First of all we will love to send shout out to Zaakii for his originality and consistency, his fusion of rap and afro is something else and nothing short of excellence.

The song is a song for every person out there irrespective of your tribe, nationality, age, race and RELIGION. Let’s hit the religion aspect a bit before we delve into the review, most times majority of gospel artist out there are scared to tell truth like these in songs for fear of being bashed or stopped being invited to church program forgetting the fact that a whole lot of sick people are out there needing their vaccine for healing.

Let’s get started.

The song One Tap focuses on the issue of Drug abuse which is very rampant in Nigeria and in this song Benjiszzy Zaakii has to put on the character of a typical Nigerian Smoker and with the way he started the song, he started with a complain which every smoker will hold as an excuse for smoking. In another part of the song Benjisszy plainly eulogize what all smokers do (though there is a warning inscription on the cigarette pack the smoker is less concerned and for the case of Indian hemp also known as Igbo, consumers are usually arrested but even if them wan go jail e no concern them).

Another reason that smokers talk about that Benjiszzy Zaakii painted well is that smoking cures them of their pains and forgets their sorrow, but what if the pain shows up again? Well I’ll leave this question blank so you find out when you listen.

Benjiszzy Zaakiireally deserve some accolade, not some but plenty accolades because after putting all this plenty problems in songs he didn’t let it slip off but after all the plenty complain he gave a very concise solution to the problem and that’s what distinguishes him as a gospel art from the normal art and secular arts there as he redirects them back to Jesus.

Apart from the lyrical aspect the production is superb and it’s plainly Afro that is the African way and that credit goes to the producer Becky Jaywho has been doing the wonders on all Jisszy tracks. Listening to the song will bring you back to Africa because of the musical pieces used and it just makes the music beautiful. The acting and vocal expression makes you understand and love the song that is if you have a good listening ear and don’t just listen to music for pleasure but to get the message.

While being serious since let’s face the fact that smokers are funny and use some funny statements which Benjiszzy Zaakii clearly outlined and even took to a higher level that they won’t even go to some of them are “If rizzla no dey use e paper cos all die nah die” “As long as say I no go feel my pain for the now I go high go Spain“.

I think this is much of a review and we have to say good bye here. Enjoy ONE TAP, Download, Stream and Buy as well. Last thing don’t forget to share and forget about kpoli because one tap will take you just a step closer to the grave.



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