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Unik Article: All you need to know about Worship The King Music || @RichieSoar


Worship The King Music is a non-denominational & inter-denominational Christian Music group with root in the city of Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria. they are passionately driven by the vision of turning the hearts of men back to God through worship with the mandate of invading Christian circles, campuses, cities etc. in ardent partnership and submission to God almighty. They are an arm under the noble fellowship “WORSHIP THE KING VOYAGE” currently based in Asaba, Nigeria.
By God’s amazing grace, they just celebrated their 5th anniversary in May, 2018.
Most importantly, amongst other programmes they hold their special music programme annually, which is held in the month of December every year with thousands of worshippers in attendance and also indeed blessed spiritual, God fearing ministers in attendance are also being featured.
Worship The King Music is gracefully blessed with God fearing, lovers and chasers of God, ministers/artistes whose songs have indeed been a huge & massive blessing and source of hope both to the body of Christ and the world at large. This songs have brought in incredible and indelible testimonies amongst which includes salvation, encounters, the supernatural, healing, miracles etc.
Let’s briefly talk about some of our ministers/artistes.

1. Tony Richie

He is the set-man over the music team and also the fellowship at large. He is the humble servant who received the vision from the Lord while others tenaciously follow. He’s got so many blessed songs amongst which we have online are;
You’ll never fail me by Tony Richie
You’re everywhere by Tony Richie
Mirror by Tony Richie featuring Limoblaze

2. Eldia


She is an incredible young lady with such an intimate walk with the Holy spirit. She’s also got quite a number of songs amongst which we have online is
– Jesus N’agahari by Eldia.

3. Mr Special


Indeed he’s another young man in our generation with such an unquenchable passion for Godliness. He’s currently based in the city of Asaba. He’s also got quite some indeed spiritual songs with blessed artistes featured. Amongst others is;
Won my heart forever by Mr Special

For enquiry or invitation you can contact them via;
Facebook – Worship The King Voyage
Instagram – wtkmusic
Phone Contact – 07066166896, 08093738921

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