Should Tickets Be Sold For Gospel Events

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Gospel event as reffered to in this context are events, concerts or social gathering organised outside the four walls of the church building but still for the purpose of sharing the Gospel of Christ. In events like the ones that we’ll be referring to in this context may not necessarily involve, sermons and prayers.

So let’s delve into the issue of today. This issue concerning whether tickets should be sold for Gospel events has been debated over the period of time but today we have come to give you our own view if tickets should be sold or not.

The truth as we know it is that spreading the Gospel is the work of God, and like other works it also requires finance for it to be successful. Alot of people who have the motives that tickets shouldn’t be sold for Gospel event will be the same people to complain when the sound, instruments, equipment and lightning for the event become bad or if they should go bad in the course of the event.

At the start of this article I made it clear that these events are always outside the four walls of the church building. If that is the case, then the venue to be used for the event will certainly need money also to get it.

A lot of all these events are single handedly sponsored and financed by the artistes themselves and they receive little or no assistance from the church and if this huge load of cash to be left for them alone it might fall down and crush them, so they sure need financial aid which is the sole reason why tickets are being sold.

To end this post I’ll say that sales of tickets for a gospel event isn’t wrong at all, but if you as an artist feel you can carry the finance burden and not be too heavily ladened then you can scrap off the idea of ticket sales.

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  1. yea sale of ticket for a gospel event shouldnt be, it supose to be free .

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