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Don’t Give Up

I was taking my bath this morning and I was thinking of when I’ll be writing an appreciation and my blogging journey just as Harrison Oliaku the brain behind The Harry Scope did some few days back. In the process of thinking of how I’ll write the appreciation I started recalling how this whole blogging started.

Two years back a friend introduced me to mywapblog and I started on that platform before it was closed down for the reasons best known to its owner. Few months after it was dragged down I started again with WordPress and I blogged under that platform for some months but there was no joy or any sense of fulfilment because I was stuck in one particular spot, I made no progress at all but sensing the unfairness of my situation I decided not to get stucked. I spent quite a lot to get materials about having a blog and the result is blog on which you are reading this post. This blog is just some days old but I have found joy and fulfilment in it.

What did I try to point out to you in this my story? No matter how many times you have fallen don’t give up, get up and try new methods. No matter where you are stuck on in life don’t throw in the towel that it’s over, no don’t do that, instead look for materials to get you out of your water loo. After getting the material if it’s possible to continue please I’ll urge you to do that with greater speed but if you can’t continue with it then set up a new course to move on. Don’t as well forget the importance of mentors and guidance from people who are already good in your chosen path, they have a lot of role to play in your life, if you haven’t gotten one then search around you’ll definitely find one.

Hope to see you soon at the brighter side, don’t live a life of complain, don’t bury yourself where you fell on.

Henry Samson
CEO: Unik Empire.

Henry Samson

Blogger, lyric video editor and a music addict. The desire to see good music, videos and good contents in general circulated everywhere led to the creation of this blog. He's currently the head administrator of this blog.

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