Christian Hip Hop in Nigeria is coming like fire

A whole lot of things has happened ever since Hip Hop artist TV presenter and director of DaBoomSha Kreative released his single SMH.

The song caused an uproar among a whole lot of audience.One thing that caught our attention amidst the many happenings was the reawakening of the Christian Hip Hop in Nigeria. Before the song was released I’ve heard of only a few gospel rappers in Nigeria and it was just as if they were all hypnotised by a kind of charm.

But the SMH single was like an antidote to the charm they were under.One other thing that caught our attention was the fostered unity that sprang up immediately after the single was released. The CHH Nigeria community have no support for its fellow CHH member.

When others like the praise and worship leaders release a new song you’ll see other artist pushing it way really high but Glory be to God for the SMH and after the SMH Oluwatomi released a single END OF DISCUSSION (EOD) and surprisingly enough it received a whole lot of support from the CHH community like never before.

According to DaBoomSha, the CHH community is up to something and details about what they are up to will be communicated to you in a short while.

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