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What Do I Believe And How Does It Affects My Life?

Beliefs have a way of controlling our decision making. Common beliefs actually get accustomed to our nervous system. Don’t be surprised if a doctor should tell you; “you’ve been diagnosed with Ebola” and you die. Yes! You may die because your brain already believes you are sick, it’ll pass on that information to your body and you could get sick and die!

If you can question some beliefs you have, you’ll begin to doubt them. Now, everyone says “Love is blind”, some people have already built on that belief and can argue it really is, but seriously, if we should question that phrase from Shakespeare some of us would begin to argue it isn’t actually blind. When you believe in that statement, you begin to act towards it thereby developing concrete evidence on it, giving you the ability to argue and discuss on it. On the other hand, if you’ve questioned that popular saying you begin to develop doubts, objecting to the saying and later acting against it.

You know one thing, the people we call “great people” are actually “questioners” I’m sorry to use that word (it’s a wrong usage of the word). They question things and at times they look crazy. When they begin to question these normal things we say and do they achieve the extra-ordinary and begin to look like extra-ordinary people even when they’re not. That’s the same technique the dare-devils make use of.

So whatever thing you have been accustomed to belief in, whatever belief you have, question it! Be different!




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