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Our Faith does not conform to Natural Phenomenon. The faith we have received defies natural principles and processes.

It allows a woman to conceive without knowing a man. Who told you that you need to have a job to own a house or car of your own? Who deceived you to think that you have to work up to 10 years to be promoted?

It will be an insult to the faith we have accepted to think that we need to pass through school to be able to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives.

Now, here’s the big one, You don’t even need money to get whatever is it you want. It will be smallness to constrict God’s provisional medium to money. Men instituted money. God has been providing for His children before money was instituted; they built houses, own servants, became popular and made great names on the earth! In fact, God said “The silver and Gold are mine!

What is your place then, if your Father owns the biggest bank in the world? Yet God owns not the biggest but all.

Men and brethren, let us be transformed by renewing of our minds. We can’t beat the world or win the world as Christians by thinking like the world. We have not been designed to reason like them. Isaiah 1:18, God calls us to reason together with Him – That’s the place of our understanding…like God, not like natural men. Our reasoning is beyond human comprehension. We have superior mindset, set upon things above…what the natural mind can not phantom.

We have been given this privilege so we can lead the world in all sectors and spheres of life. So we can produce superior results and Force the world to seek our “Source”.

We are to witness Christ in a grand style and by our lifestyle, results, status and disposition we point the world to Christ who lives in us and does all things by us.

We are to preach Christ not only in words but in deeds; deeds which includes our grades in school, our position in work places, our health, our reasoning, our dressing, and the results we show.

We have been designed to lead and reign in the earth. The world waits our manifestation as sons and daughters of the King of the universe.

You don’t get to this level by praying mehn… – you pray to receive revelations, but for a manifestation of these things, you must need make a “decision,” and decision to go out and work…work in the light of this truth, God leading you, and the Holy Spirit dwelling in you, with the consciousness of who you are in Him, you…and i will conquer the world for GOD, and let everyone know that the earth is the Lords.

Till the whole world knows…That Jesus is Lord, not just in head-Knowledge alone, but let them see through, feel in, taste by, perceive from our lives that Jesus is Lord over everything and everywhere.

Glow Child of God.

Your fulfilment is my priority

I’m, Dunamis SHILOH Okonwor, And my Calling is to inspire and raise Christian minds that will show superior character and produce superior results such that the world will have no other alternative but to accept our Gospel to be able to compete with us or contain what we represent. You can reach me HERE.

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