Testimony: The One That Matters Cures Cancer

The one that matters cures cancer

The one that matters cures cancer, Testimony from All That Matters by GUC.

Ever since the release of the song All That Matters by GUC, the song has received acceptance and massive testimonies across the world but this took our attention and we wish to share it with you.


A said lady who has been battling with cancer after listening to the song was wholly healed with no trace of the said sickness to be found in her body. It may sound ridiculous but let’s break it down, the one that matters (Jesus) was put in front of the sickness and remember at the mention of the name Jesus Christ, every knee must bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord imagine what will happen when the owner of the name comes to the stage? That was exactly what happened, cancer disappeared.

You too can testify. Put the one who matters in front of that contract, challenge, situation and see that issue becoming a testimony.


The one that matters cures cancer

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