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Sports Betting – Is It Wrong?

Sports Betting - Is It Wrong?

Sports Betting – Is It Wrong?

This is a question that has gone through the mind of a lot of Christians but here’s an answer from House On The Rock church Port Harcourt which was shared as they announced the comeback of JAS (Jesus Alternative Service).

The Body of Christ is worried about the prevalence of Sports Betting and yet no one knows what to make of it.

Most Christians who engage in Sports Betting also feel a sense of guilt.

Sports Betting is gambling and while it may not be a sin we will not encourage christians to indulge in it.

Here are some reasons why Sports Betting is discouraged;

  • It is addictive
  • It encourages laziness & wastefulness
  • It blinds you to opportunities
  • It takes advantage of the poor
  • It encourages bad company.
  • Its addictive nature leads to over indulgence and subsequently often causes serious financial losses which is capable of wrecking your life and destiny.

Addictive behaviour move hand in glove and one addiction can lead to several others such as drugs, alcoholism, sex etc.

Betting is legal however the question of morality persists.

You can hardly point out anyone who improved his finances from Sports betting unless you’re in the business of betting and making money off betters.

Like they say, “the house never looses”.

For those who believe they are simply making money from the Sports they love,

Sports Betting is commerce. Once you put money on a Sport, it no longer becomes about enjoying that Sport, your heart is now on the money you put in.

Like Paul says, all things are lawful but not all things are expedient, the fact that you can bet doesn’t mean you should.

If you therefore choose to go into Sports betting as a Christian, it is important that you understand what you may be getting yourself into.


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