Review: Nostalgia EP by DaBoomsha

Nostalgia EP By DaBoomsha

Review of Nostalgia EP by DaBoomsha.

The Nostalgia EP which contains seven tracks (NO CHILLS, CANDY DREAMS, TORN, LET ME KNOW, LOVECAPADES, CRUISING and TO BAE OR NOT TO BAE) is the recent project from the hip hop luminary, entertainment lawyer and television presenter DaBoomsha. The term Nostalgia which the EP is named after is an English word which means “pleasure and sadness that is caused by remembering something from the past and wishing that you could experience it again” from the meaning of the EP title, will one really be able to think about times ago and crave for it? Did the EP really match up to the title in well proven ramifications or it was just another folklore? Let’s find out.

  • While growing up, I remember the sound of 50cent or Tupac music blaring through the speakers of my neighbors radio as he was the privileged person then. It is true that a whole lot of people have forgotten what they sounded like because the advent and multitude streaming to new genre such as Afro Pop has left those kind of raps to be stranded of listeners that one can say it’s on the verge of going into extinction but listening to this EP, it brought back the old times memories and one will believe there’s hope for the real rap genre. Not talking about the mushy noise everywhere we’re celebrating as rap.
  • Moving forward, the presentation, emotional release and manner of articulation is not something that those who knew nothing about the old times and the likes of Tupac and 50cent will be able to comprehend. Bringing back those manners of expression and presentation back again, one can affirm that the EP is up to It’s title NOSTALGIA.
  • Lyrically we can award an A1 to this project. What differentiate the old times rap and that of now is that the rap of nowadays are majorly muffled words whose lyrics are not even known nor can recalled by the said artist but you see, the lyrical arrangement of each and every track is not just clear alone but they are words that one can easily relate with thereby making this project to match up to It’s name once again.

In summary, DaBoomsha got the excellence badge in NOSTALGIA EP and we are sure able to say that it is worth the hype, the name and worth listening to.

Personally, my favorite tracks are TO BAE OR NOT TO BAE and CANDY DREAMS.

Have you listened to the EP? If yes, tell us your opinion about the EP or an individual track and if you’re yet to download and listen, you can DOWNLOAD the EP HERE

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