Protek Illasheva – Personal ft Limoblaze, Naffymar & Mercy Tshiamo (Counter Culture)

Protek Illasheva Preps To Drop Counter Culture Album Nigerian based Christian hip hop artist Protek Illasheva whose birthday is today 17th of April, 2020 took to his social media platforms to make a special announcement while celebrating himself. The announcement was about his new album counter culture and its set to drop May 1st. He shared the news on his social media handles as seen below; [ 63 more words ] Protek Illasheva Preps To Drop Counter Culture Album

Personal by Protek Illasheva Limoblaze Naffymar & Mercy Tshiamo complete lyrics.



– I left the church because of the hypocrisy and all round fakness, too many fake people everywhere

– I left the church because I was abused by my leader

– Mehn nobody holy pass oh, why do I always have to be the one they talk about so I had to leave the church

– I had to leave the church because the church didn’t give me opportunity to express my craft

– Me I comote for church because of help o, church no dey help me at all, at all at all, abeg make I find help go front 


I don had people tell me I could do better

If I left the church

That I could go and be a goal getter

I know how you feeling

I know you hurting

It’s appalling when you think of the damage the Church is causing

It’s hurtful and painful to let it slide

The picture you had of the church is a facade

When the same people you supposedly trust

Are the cause of your pain

So they should count you a loss

Well maybe you should slow up lil John

Maybe you just got the whole picture painted all wrong

The church as it is has been made perfect

But while we running this race

Our minds need renewing

Look I pray that your focus is on the cross

Cos that’s the only real and perfect picture of love

Eh your salvation is a must

The race is personal

No excuse would Be enough bro


I wanna show love

But they making it hard

Wanna do this but they telling me that

Open up my heart but they stabbing my back

What do I do tell me what do I do

I’m just gonna work out my salvation

I won’t see no flaws it’s all distraction

I’m just gonna work out my salvation

I won’t see no flaws it’s all distraction


I know you’ve seen and gone through a lot

The backstab disappointment and what not

You hear people say one thing and do another

Ask where’s the love? no one can answer

Now you filled with bitterness and hate

Depression knocking on the door steady penetrating

I get it ain’t easy bro to move pass the hurt but,

You should move pass the hurt

Cos in it lies the true remedy

Holding on to it becomes tragedy

The church is a hospital, is not for perfect people

It is for perfecting people

Owe no man anything but love

Is what the Lord command in his word

Cos, your salvation is a must

The race is personal no excuse will be enough fam


Not everybody who’s running

is being chased

But we all chasing something

Good or bad

Where the finish line is either

rewarding or harming

I realised that as long as I let my faith be determined by people’s actions towards me

I remain trapped in a hula

And I was moving in circles

Pinpointing all their flaws

I was slowing missing my purpose

And I realised that I gotta protect my own

Because salvation is a personal journey

And not about who can cast the first stone

And I remember God saying to me

Mercy I don’t go out looking for the perfect man, I perfect man.

And I take pride in seeing the weak man stand

And as regards to your faith and salvation

Guard your heart with all diligence

Because out of it are the issues of life.

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