Practicing prostitutes will be Choir Members in my church – Iyke Oriaku

Practicing prostitutes will be Choir Members in my church - Iyke Oriaku

Practicing prostitutes will be Choir Members in my church – Iyke Oriaku

Evangelist Iyke Oriaku who’s well known for the gospel of Christ using all available platforms ranging from Facebook to YouTube, Radio stations and the well known organized crusades.

In a recent post which seems controversial yet true to the bone marrow, the evangelist has given a specification of people who will be in his church and rendering services if he’s called by God to open a church and not just that, he validated his specifications with reasons. Check out the post where he made the specifications and his reasons below;

If God tells me to open a church tomorrow, for the first 3years, my church will be filled with homosexuals, chain smokers, drug addicts, practicing harlots will be my choir members, my ushers will be some notorious cultists you know in town, my deacons and deaconess will be some tired harlots everybody knows that are living in some popular hotels around, my assistant ‘pastors’ will be coming to church with their girlfriends and if possible their sugar daddies, my Women leader will be a woman below 40, who have married 4 different husbands and divorced all of them, and is currently living with her boyfriend and yet still trusting God for marital settlement.

(lol.. I no fit laugh here abeg)

My men’s leader will be the most notorious arm robber who will be the most wanted in some places, my youth leader will be a porn star who flies all over the world to service some guys sexually.

Other churches will be inviting Frank Edwards and Sinach, me, I will be inviting Patoranky and Tiwa Savage to come and minister in songs.

Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria will declare me a Pentecostal outcast, christian Association of Nigeria will declare me a reprobate, leading people to hell, some of my facebook friends will unfriend me, while some will start interceding for me because, to them, Babylon has hijacked me.

How awkward it sounds to you is a sign that we all different assignments in this work.

But after 3years, come back to that same church.

Those harlots you saw in the choir seats would have been filled with Jesus and His Power to the extent that when you hear them sing, you will go back home having ceaseless encounters.

Those drug addicts and serial assassins you saw 3years ago would have become spiritual collosus in that same city to the extent that they would have started conducting massive revivals here and there.

You will be looking for the lesbians and homosexuals you saw 3years, but you won’t see them again because Jesus would have destroyed every demon of addiction hunting them.

You use Ezekiel and the dry bones to preach and yet, you disgrace a girl out of church because she didn’t dress the way you want her to dress.

God needs to show you how much Satan has borrowed you to drive many to the center of hell.

You might need to ask God for forgiveness …

With tears in my eyes, I beg you, stop condemning those you were called into the valley to prophesy to they are already condemned.

If God could wash you and help you till you became what you are, don’t think He will not help another person? No matter the mandate, no matter the passion for holiness in you, no matter the Hunger for revival of righteousness your church should be a new testament valley and you are supposed to function in the order of Prophesy Ezekiel, which is just to prophesy to the dry bones and God knows how to bring flesh and sinews and life back to those messed up people around you.

But unfortunately, the Ezekiels of this end time doesn’t prophesy to the dry bones, but we condemn the dry bones as if it is their fault to be in that valley.

If we know how long they tried not to be in that valley, if you see how much they have cried you will know that God heard their cries and that’s why He sent you, as the prophet Ezekiel to prophesy to them.

Friends, the destiny of a rising army is in danger. Satan saw their future, God Also saw their future.

If we go there and start condemning them, they will not become that great army that latter rose from that same valley like in the days of Ezekiel that was why when Jesus came, He went straight to the same valley.that was where He met Peter and others and he was never ashamed to say it that He came for the lost sheep of Israel.

And 3years after, Peter and his friends became another army, greater than the army of prophet Ezekiel.

Jesus, may it please You to find our feeble hands worthy to do it once again in our time.

Friends, I must confess to you.

The more I see phone number of pastors in my phone. The more I receive calls from people who have become spiritual giants already.

The more all all of us are doing this Fire here and there the more I see my face on posters to come and still be preaching to the same people other men of God have been preaching to since 5years ago the more I feel that I am wasting my prophetic oil. I am tired of prophesying to people that are already spiritual giants that’s why when you are bragging with your crowd, thinking we want to preach their, we shudder.

You want to be seen with reigning mega church pastors, while, some of us wants to be seen with popular drug peddlers and leaders of some bloody cartels in the world.

If you know what God is doing in our time, if you know the type of people He is recruiting, you will know that very soon, you will invite some people into that your 10 thousands capacity church and they will reject it and the next day, you see them with just 10 people, who are on their ways to hell

I can hear the voice of some stranded army trapped in the valley.

The need of the hour is not for prophets that sill condemn them for how they dress to work or dress to class.

The need is for people that will be ready to stay with them inside that valley, and keep prophesying to them, until Jehovah washes them, fills them and release them to terrorize that same devil that terrorized them.

I know that in our time, such caliber of prophets will not be in short supply.

Jesus, please, send me to the dry bones.

It will not be on my prophetic watch that such an army will waste.


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