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Poetry: GAMiE – Greatness Is The New Cool | @itsgamie

Greatness Is The New Cool by GAMiE

Greatness Is The New Cool by GAMiE mp3 download.

Versatile creative Olumide Okesanjo well known as GAMiE just dropped the best motivational speech to keep you going and that would enable you do great things in life.

This new piece was produced by Williams Cyborg Onyekachukwu Onyema for Uppa Ruum Studios while the video was directed by GAMiE


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Greatness is the new cool yet it’s never out of fashion

A perfect fit for all weather, all trends, all era.

Residing in every man, woman, boy, girl

Greatness is like a woman’s glow when she’s in love.


It cannot be hidden

Greatness is not something you acquire but something you already possess

Willed to you from birth

Like breath it must be allowed to find expression

To thrive,

With intention we respond by paying attention to the details

We are not mediocre in our approach

We are stationed at the center of excellence

At the core, connected to the source, powered by pure inspiration

So we do not cower we do not fret

We rise to execute the task and forge ahead

We stay the course and sail through the storms

We do not cut corners

We are outstanding performers performing on the world’s stage

We are agents of positive change

Movers and shakers

Decisions and policy makers

Pacesetters and Kingmakers

Look around you and see what GREATNESS looks like

Now look within you and see GREATNESS

It’s in your DNA

Passed down from generations to generations

Spread from fathers to sons, from mothers to daughters, from people to places, cities and nations

All around the globe

You’ll find greatness in every home.

Greatness is that which stares back at you when you look in the mirror

Yeah that’s right

Greatness, staring back at you and me


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