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Onye Inaputara by Yadah: Is It Worth The Attention It’s Receiving

Onye Inaputara by Yadah: Is It Worth The Attention It's Receiving

Onye Inaputara by Yadah: Is It Worth The Attention It’s Receiving?

Music minister and fashion designer Agaga Praise who’s well known as Yadah has been a trending name for the past few weeks but this time it’s not for any songs that has been released by her neither is it associated with any upcoming event like her yearly event “YADAH LIVE IN CONCERT (YALIC)“.

Yadah has been a sensation on the cyber space for the anticipation of a new song ONYE INAPUTARA which was revealed to be written during her tour to Port Harcourt city in the southern region of Nigeria.

The song Onye Inaputara is a follow up to the highly sought after “BEYOND ME” which was recorded live at the 2019 edition of her yearly concert, the song also holds the record of being the first igbo song from the litu geh as she’s fondly called after adapting the name from a line in her song “BEYOND ME“.

The singer & song writer who professional launched her career in 2017 with the song Goodie Goodie is yet again set to add another song to her name which will be telling of God’s glory but here comes the big question;


A lot of times people, we inclusive have been disappointed about the lyrical structure, production quality of a song though our hopes were raised up by the hypes given to the particular song but for this case of ONYE INAPUTARA coming from Yadah, I can boldly assure you that disappointment is what would be far from you when it comes out.

Talking about the lyrical content, the lyrics of the song lived up to the nickname borne by Yadah which is the voice of Jesus to the nations, the lyrics are so sound, proven and scripturally sound.

I can promise you this because Yadah for once has never been in the category of singers who would cover up their lack of lyrical construction with emotions but rather she has the right lyrics that will definitely get you on the right emotions.

Talking about production, truth it to be superb & excellent because she just don’t have any producer on the track but an excellent one at that. Sunny Pee based in Abuja has the production credit of Onye Inaputara.

To answer the question and call this to a close, Onye Inaputara by Yadah is worth the hype and it’s coming out soon, support the litu geh by downloading, streaming and sharing the song when it finally drop and not to forget it will be a blessing to everyone at large.


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